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Reading Response: Beck

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Reading Response: Beck


Reading Response: Beck

Toomer (2019), the short Becky is about a white lady who is cast out of the society for giving birth to two Negro sons. After Becky gives birth to her firstborn,   she is for getting pregnant with a black man and giving birth to a Negro son. “Even black-skinned people participated in evicting her out”. Becky is considered unfit in the community, and her people cast her out. No one is willing to for her and a son shelter, but the railroad boss secretly hires someone to erect a cabin in between the railroad and the road. No one believes someone can reside in such a place. But trainmen and passengers who heard about her through food and prayer warped papers. “Trains personal and commuters who had heard about her threw out papers and food' (Toomer, 2019). No one in the society ever saw the lady and her son in the cabin. However, while residing in her cabin, Becky secretly falls in love with several men who sneak into her shelter at night to provide her with foodstuffs. Becky never discloses to any of her buddies she is in love with many men. Becky conceives for her buddies and gives birth to a second Negro son noticed by pubic while the firstborn is five years old. Well-wishers take the two sons from her to help them lead a better life. Becky is left in the cabin alone where the building’s collapse occasions her death in the house. people in the community receive the news with a lot of disbelieving because they through Becky died long ago after was cast out of the city.

Becky is evicted from the city owing to the racism existing in the society she is living in. She is not merely harassed because of giving birth to a son, but the rejection Becky is facing is caused by the fact that a black man sired the boy. Racial discrimination is no longer news in the present world. Black people living in white countries are never accorded equal treatment with the white people neither...


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