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Queer- Homosexual with Medi ‘Breaking out of the box’

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Queer- Homosexual with Medi ‘Breaking out of the box’


Queer- Homosexual with Medi ‘Breaking out of the box’


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Homosexual with media

The documentary, Breaking out of the box, highlights the existence of black lesbians in South Africa. The documentary is comprehensive and emotive as it gives an accounts of various high profile women from the lesbian community. The documentary is based on the life experiences of the black lesbians where the featured women open up on how they have restructured their beliefs and considerations concerning African identity due to their sexual orientation. According to Huma (2012) the high profile women featured in the documentary, for example, Fikile Vilakazi speaks against the notion that gay is white. She argues that “if you say being gay is not African then you insult me because you are saying I am not African.” As a consequence, the documentary is very significant as it depicts the thoughts and voices of affected women who have continuously faced societal ridicule and have encountered instances where gay rights have been violated. The debate regarding the positive effects of the lesbian community has increasingly gained momentum, signified by the re-assessment and rethinking of the contemporary values concerning homosexuality as depicted by the queer theory, therefore, homosexuality should be adopted and considered as an ethical culture in the contemporary world.

Homosexuality promotes an element of equality in the society by getting rid of the possible discrimination due to sexual orientation. The queer theory aims at explaining homosexuality by analyzing the discrepancies between gender and sex. In the documentary Breaking out Of the Box, an activist, Theresa Raizenberg, states that black lesbians in South Africa play a significant role in the daily lives of South Africans through different ways, for example, financially, culturally, and reinstalling hope for the girlchild (Ma & Juhasz, 2013). Homosexuals are very fundamental to the expansion and evolution of a nation, as such, if they are to withdraw their contribution, then a country is bound to suffer significant consequences such as increased discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation. Thus, it is imperative that countries embrace the reality concerning homosexuality as a sign of affirming the existence of the lesbian community considering they are people of value who should enjoy equal rights under any law. By the different societies embracing homosexuality, the move will...


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