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Quantitative and Qualitative Abstracts

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Quantitative and Qualitative Abstracts


Quantitative and Qualitative Abstracts

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Babeluk, Rita & Jutz, Sabrina & Mertlitz, Sarah & Matiasek, Johannes & Klaus, Christoph. (2014). Hand hygiene - evaluation of three disinfectant hand sanitizers in a community setting. PloS one. 9. e111969. 10.1371/journal.pone.0111969.

Quantitative Journal Article Abstract

This article is quantitative since it utilizes quantifiable data to derive the conclusion reached at by the researcher. In the case, primary data is collected, analyzed, discussed, and conceding summary provided in regards to the overall objective of the study, evaluating three disinfectant hand sanitizers in a community setting in relations to hand hygiene. The research also designs the study to be a descriptive study. The main question of the study was; what is the contribution of disinfectant hand sanitizers towards hand hygiene? Through this question, the null hypothesis of the research was that there is not significant contribution of disinfectant hand sanitizers towards hand hygiene. The study engaged a rather small sample size of sixty undergraduate students of the University of Applied Sciences, Campus Vienna. The researchers perceived this as a good representation since the students were not trained regarding hand hygiene. The setting of the study was based in Europe on April 2013 and the key target population was young people who did not know much about hand hygiene. The main finding of the study are that untrained and trained respondent had a significant difference of how they clear their hands using the three types of detergent used in the study,...


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