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Purchase Intention

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Purchase Intention



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Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are among the predominant online networking sites that let people use virtual societies to create, share, and exchange information, affecting their ways and determining their choices. Social media revolution results in persons spending considerable time on these platforms, ensuring that it influences consumers' purchasing intentions. Online networking sites attract people's interest, impacting their willingness to scrutinize a product or service, hence influencing their decision-making process. However, some organizations have ineffective online networking approaches that determine consumer behavior. Consequently, the goal of this proposal is to explore impact of social media influencers’ common factors including physical attractiveness, source credibility, perceived similarity between consumers and influencers on purchase intention, as well as how social media endorsers affect consumers buying behavior of different age groups.

1.2 Aims and Objectives

The purpose of this study is to determine the impact of Social Media Influencers on consumers of beauty products.

1.2.1        Specific objectives

                    i.            To examine the impact of beauty influencers' physical attractiveness on consumer purchase intention.

                  ii.            To determine the impact of the perceived credibility of social media influencers promoting beauty products on purchase intention.

                iii.            To determine the effect of perceived similarity between consumers and influencers on purchase intention.

                iv.            To determine the effect of social media influencers on consumers of different age groups.

1.2.2        Research Hypotheses

H1: There is a positive relationship between beauty influencer attractiveness and purchase intention.

H2: There is a positive relationship between influencer perceived credibility and purchase intention.

H3: There is a positive relationship between perceived similarity and purchase intention.

H4: Young age groups are likely to be influenced by social media influencers.

1.3 Scope of the Study

The research's scope and limitation are to investigate the influence of common factors related to endorsers and their effect on end-user’s purchase intentions of beauty products. The study will focus on consumers of beauty products; as a result; the scope is selected because of the critical implications it has on determining effects of social media influencers on buyers' behavior. As a consequence, this study will be conducted in 2019, covering online users of cosmetic products.

1.4 Limitations of the Study

The most significant obstacle in this study will be challenges that limit online data collection processes. For example, it is assumed that there will be a difficulty in convincing end-users of beauty products to participate in this research activity. Therefore, the study might attract low-interest levels, making it difficult to reach the intended sample size.



1.5 Outline of the Study

The study will involve the following outline. First, a literature review will be provided to identify issues and gaps in the pre-existing literature that has motivated this research. The next section will entail methodology, including the presentation of research design, target population, sample size as well as methodological facts.


2.1 Social Learning Theory

Bandura & Walters (1977) concluded that social learning theory outlines a model that explains how ideas of socialization elements influence consumption trends. According to Abreu (2019), this theoretical framework proves that persons derive inspiration, leading to an exhibition of a positive attitude as a result of socialization agents. A study by Lim, Radzol, Cheah, & Wong (2017) adopted this model to study...


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