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Proof-of-Concept Report Template


This week, you will complete your proof of concept and submit the report. This is the final report to management before the actual cloud deployment process begins.Use the Proof-of-Concept Report Template to prepare a report that shows the steps and results for the proof of concept. In the template, you will see specific instructions. Delete the instruction text before you submit the project.Your report should:Be between five to seven pages (plus an appendix for screenshots, cover page, and table of contents)Address the topics listed in the Proof-of-Concept Report TemplateInclude the following screenshots from the "Build a Virtual Private Cloud and Launch a Web Server" activity:Start Lab pageAWS Management Console Name with your name visible from user drop-downTask 1: Create Your VPCTask 2: Create Additional SubnetsTask 3: Create a VPC Security GroupTask 4: Launch a Web Server Instance
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