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Professional issues - the nursing graduate

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Professional issues - the nursing graduate


Professional issues - the nursing graduate


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Nursing is one of the most sensitive fields that is guided by several codes of conduct and ethics to ensure the practices is well streamlined. Therefore, students undertaking this professional are trained in a way that complies with the nursing standards and following the current nursing treads. To ensure efficiency, the Australian nursing curriculum is aligned with the need of the public health and offers competitive teaching to produce among the best nursing graduates. Preparing future physicians is the mandate of any learning institution, and this transition is enhanced by handing over the novice nurses to the field experts for hands-on training. Medical practitioners play a vital role in impacting practical skill to nursing graduates and preparing them to take up responsibilities. However, during this process, nursing graduates face several professional issues in their line of duties. Some of this critical professional issues are the delegation challenges, the scope of practice, and the problem of skill mix.


Assigning task is among the most critical activities in managing nursing practices in a healthcare setup — effective and accurate allocation of duties in an antecedent of successful implementation of the objective of a healthcare service provider. According to Best (2015), this challenge is common for a novice when the responsible physician is busy and does not get time to monitor the activities being accomplished by a training nurse. On the same note, delegation goes a long way to include explaining, in details, the duties which should be conducted and how such responsibilities should be measured to determine the effectiveness. To remedy this issue, a collaborative approach by the Graduate Registered Nurse can act as a solution in delegating tasks.

According to “Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia” as a part of practice, all the Register Nurses have a critical role of making sure duties are assigned the right way, and...


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