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Product Adoption

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Choose a product or one that you currently use and discuss each adoption process and how itrelates to your decision to adopt that product.

Have you heard about the new beverage that makes you disappear when you drink it? You aren’t able to buy the drink in a store but you can go to the website www.disappear@fauxwebsite.com to purchase it. It’s guaranteed to work. With one sip of this drink, you disappear. Of course there is no such beverage out in the market or anywhere, but what if there were? How would you evaluate such a product? The production adoption process, better known as consumer adoption process, is made up of a five stage process that consumers are able to use to evaluate products.


·         Awareness (introduction stage): if you’ll remember the first time you bought a product, you probably didn’t have all of the information you needed. For example, you may have found out about the new disappearing beverage from a friend or famquestions such as does it really work or where can I purchase. The point to remember is if you’re not AWARE of the product chances are you’re not going to BUY the product.

·         Interest  (information-gathering stage): In this stage consumers begin to research information about the product. You may even ask family, friends, and co-workers if they have heard of the disappearing beverage or if they have tried the product, that is if you can see them. In this case chances are you won’t purchase the product unless you KNOW about it.

·         Evaluation  (consideration stage): Now that the consumer has gathered information about the product, they must determine if they want to try the product to see if the functionality or performance meets their standards. In this phase cost versus benefits become a consideration as well.

·         Trial  (sampling stage): At this stage of the process, the consumer has decided that the product does in fact meet their needs therefore they are ready to actually try the product. This trial may last a few days or even a week. Marketers are hoping as you try the new product others will see how well you have accepted it and may want to purchase the product.

·         Adoption or Rejection  (decision to purchase or not purchase stage): Up to this stage the consumer has been made aware of a product, they have shown some interest, the product has been evaluated, and a trial or sampling stage has occurred. Now they must decide if the product has value. If the consumer sees no value in the product a purchase will not be made. If the product solves the problem they are currently experiencing, chances are they will become a loyal customer.



Product Adoption: Blue Tooth Speakers


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Product Adoption: Blue Tooth Speakers

Awareness- my first time to see blue tooth speakers, I saw them with my college mate. I asked him whether the Bluetooth speakers could function with my laptop as well. Besides, I asked him where I could get the speakers, though I had not deiced to purchase the speakers.

Interest – on the following day, I went to my friend who works in an electronic shop and enquired whether he had ever heard or seen Bluetooth speakers that could function with a laptop without a wire...


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