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Process Essay: Drought preparedness

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Write a 2-page process essay on one type of natural hazard, describing how residents of an affected city can prepare for it. (See pages 94-96 of the Pathways 3 text for more details).

  • Your paper should include:
    • …an introduction, which includes a “hook,” 2 or 3 general statements and a Thesis statement,
    • …two (or more) body paragraphs; each with topic sentences and supporting details, and
    • …a conclusion.
  • Your paper must be 2 pages, typed in an 11-point font, and double-spaced.
  • Your name and the date should be typed on the paper.
  • There should be a title.
  • NOTE: If your paper is not a "Process Essay," you will have points deducted. 
  • This paper must be your own original work. Plagiarism is NOT ACCEPTABLE!


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Process Essay: Drought preparedness

Prevention is better than cure. We cannot sit and wait for damage to occur. Natural disasters are terrible, and they cause a lot of misery to people and animals and the loss of property depending on their severity. Natural disasters from the simple definition of ‘natural’ mean that these disasters are not human instigated, and their occurrence cannot be prevented by humans. Most of the natural hazards are a result of geological processes. Some of the natural hazards are hard to predict and are noticeable upon causing havoc. This process essay seeks to drought affects urban population its management preparedness.

Drought is a naturally occurring phenomenon that is linked to loss of water for human and animals use, and crops would die off with drought. Even though the world is 70 percent water, the world today and the urban areas experience water shortage and precisely clean drinking water. Only 3 percent of the world’s total water reserves are free for human and animals use, meaning a danger from drought is always looming (Leilah and Al-Khateeb, 491) One of the cities that are normally hit hard by drought is California, and this serves as an example of a definition of drought. Drought mitigation is the responsibility of everyone, and it is important to ascertain that we keep water supplies safe.

Firstly, we should avoid overusing the available water. Water overuse is the biggest strain on the water supply. It is important to make sure that the amount of water that you use is the right amount. Overusing...


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