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Process Analysis; Recipe for Honey Chicken Wing

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Fall 2021 Semester English Comp I (ENG-101-BOL1)
sandwich" is not likely to give you enough material for a full
Your essay must be in paragraph format - bullet points, numbered lists, etc., are not accepted. Please write in full sentences and well-developed, well-organized
paragraphs. Essays that are in bulleted or list format will be significantly penalized. Do not forget that you should also provide vivid details, lists of necessary materials, and most of all a reason why this task is useful or helpful to learn.
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If you need help thinking of a good process analysis topic, some sample task types that students have successfully used in the past include but are not limited to: automotive maintenance (changing tires, changing oil); complex cooking recipes (making a three tier cake, making a vegan Thanksgiving dinner); physical fitness routines (30 minute workout you can do at home, how to properly warm up and cool down when working out); arts and crafts (how to knit a simple sweater, how to tune a guitar); and even emergency safety lessons (how to escape a sinking car, how to survive a bear attack). Whatever it is, make sure it is complex enough to sustain an essay, and don't forget those vivid details!
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* Essays should be at least five paragraphs, and roughly 500 words.
* Avoid using personal examples or first person speech ("I" or "we") except in brief instances.
*Cite quotes and information from outside sources 



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Process Analysis: Recipe for Honey Chicken Wing

Do we always eat when we are hungry? Different meals can be eaten at different times and for different events. However, there are special occasions that one feels that a certain dish can be good for own different reason from others. My friends with whom we watch football matches have this long-lasting craving for honey chicken wings. I have a good background in cooking and my friends prefer my cooking. My childhood friend Dylan inspired me to be a passionate cook. Today I have decided to prepare honey garlic chicken wings to share with my friend for a snack for a football match. The paper describes the recipe for preparing this special dish.

For the Baked Chicken Wings, one needs; one teaspoonful of sea salt, 0.9 kg of chicken wings, one pinch of black pepper, added only to taste, and one teaspoonful of olive oil. For Honey Garlic Sauce, the essential ingredients include; one tablespoonful of minced garlic, half teaspoonful of chilli powder, fresh cilantro, chopped, for garnish, half cup of honey, two tablespoonfuls of soy sauce, and one tablespoonful of grated fresh ginger.

Now that the ingredients are all assembled. You start the preparation. The steps of preparation have to be keenly followed and time allocated for every step adhered to for optimum results. You start by adding raw chicken in a bowl and sprinkling little olive oil to make it tender and smooth. Add salt and paper to the bowl and thoroughly mix with a pair of tongs or a spatula and ensure that all the wings have a uniform coat.  The next step is to place the already prepared chicken wings on baking paper. Note, the baking tray should be first covered with parchment paper. Bake with a maximum temperature of 400F until they realize a golden brown colour.

While the wings bake, it is the right time to prepare the honey garlic source. The process of making the sauce is simple, although it has to be done procedure wise. First, mix garlic, ginger, soy sauce, and honey, and boil for about three...


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