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Problem Statement on Climate Change and the Public Safety Health Sector

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-Develop a 2-3 page problem statement about how climate change affects the health sector of the public safety field including the specific research question you will investigate.


-Be concise, but certain you cover enough information to properly prepare your reader for what will follow. 


-Your problem statement should be specific and measurable. It should be related to the topic that you chose for in the attached bibliography (see attached) but not repetitive of any research that you read or used for your bibliography. 


-In short, this must be your own work and not a review or rewording of something already presented. 


-The attached bibliography shows the sources researched that led to choosing of the topic, but this paper should not be repetitive of any research in the attachment...it is only a guideline to choose the problem statement and the specific research question that will be investigated. 



Problem Statement on Climate Change and the Public Safety Health Sector

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Problem Statement on Climate Change and the Public Safety Health Sector

The effects of climate change include rising sea levels, intensification of certain weather situations, alteration of precipitation, and warmer temperatures. These impacts affect human health by upsetting the meteorological conditions, air quality, water hygiene, and food safety. The British medical publication, The Lancet concludes that climate change is a significant international health risk.  It is clear that the variation in weather patterns causes direct and indirect human health challenges in the public safety field within populaces that are socially and economically susceptible.  

            Climate change affects the air quality because of the warmer temperatures and altering weather conditions that deteriorate its superiority, and results in cardiovascular complications and asthma attacks. As weather situation change, there is a proliferation of wildfires that produce smoke and other dangerous air pollution agents. These incidents produce harmful gases such as carbon dioxide that intensifies warmness that results in allergies. For example, over the past few decades, the United States air value has improved; however, more than 50 million people still live in areas that do not satisfy national standards. Health experts warn that temperature will continue to increase because of the unhealthy ground-level ozone. This dangerous air pollutant increases the risks of people dying prematurely of respiratory problems since it reduces lung function and damages lung tissues.

            Weather changes cause temperature-related implications that result from more severe and frequent heat waves. In tropical areas, the changes in climate conditions increase the number of deaths from heat-associated effects such as dehydration during the hottest periods. Besides, high temperatures result in various ailments that include cerebrovascular disease. People in northern altitude more vulnerable to the effects of excessive heat because they are less adapted to excessive temperatures. Besides, specific types of populations that include homeless people, sportspersons, and outdoor work teams are more vulnerable to extreme heat than others. Climate change underlines the susceptibility of urban communities to extreme temperatures health impacts, which accompany stagnant air that...


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