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Presidential Power


QUESTION #1 In Youngstown v. Sawyer, Justice Jackson’s concurring opinion provides a “Spectrum of Presidential Power”.  Your task is to argue against Justice Jackson’s view of a spectrum.  Provide at least two separate rationale (with explanation) that Justice Jackson was wrong to say there is a “spectrum of presidential power”. (Within your answer, number your reasons as “Reason 1” and “Reason 2”, etc. with explanation for provided for each Reason given). (Advisory:  one approach is to address each of J. Jackson categories, exploring whether presidential power is increased/decreased or not affected by Congressional action/inaction.) QUESTION #2 CURTIS WRIGHT CASE provide one case and explain how (show how) your choice falls into any three of the following categories:  a) delegated power to President; b) an inherent power of President; c) aggregate power of the President; d) a power concurrent to President and Congress; e) a single one of the Statements of the Founders.  (For each of the three categories you pick, be sure to provide a definition (or explanation) of the category; and show how each category is illustrated in the one same case you choose to illustrate for all three of your selected categories.  (For your answer to this question, you are to provide one case that illustrates any three items; not a different case for each of your three different chosen categories.)
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