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PPT. Social Media Use and Narcissistic Behavior among Young Adult Facebook Users

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Social Media Use and Narcissistic Behavior among Young Adult Facebook Users


Social Media Use and Narcissistic Behavior among Young Adult Facebook Users


  • Social media plays an integral part in individual lives.

  • Social networks connect to various uses such as entertainment,

    communication, and so on.

  • The time spent by young adults on social networks has increased considerably (Andreassen, Pallesen, & Griffiths, 2017).

  • The increased usage of social networking sites exposes young adult to certain social vices.

  • Spending more time on social media makes young adults susceptible to cyberbullying, antisocial behavior, and addiction.

  • Narcissism is one social vice of social media use that has been continually ignored.

  • The increase in social media uses results in the society being narcissistic as young adults get exposed to messages of self-promotion.

Research puzzle

  • The increase in social media use correlates with the increase in narcissism (Bergman et al. (2012).

  • There is narcissistic behavior among millennial peer groups than in earlier generations (Bergman et al., 2011).

  • The correlation between social media and narcissism has been an ignored predictor.

  • Little has been written on the association between the exhibition of narcissistic behavior and social media use.

  • The question remains what the connection between social media and narcissistic behavior is.

  • Social networking sites help in understand how personal relations correlates with narcissistic behavior.

  • Facebook can be used to investigate the correlation between social media use and narcissism.

Research questions

  • The primary goal of this proposal is to investigate the correlation between the increase in social media use and the increase in narcissism among young adults.

  • The research questions seek to identify how personal relations on social media networks can be a marker for narcissistic behavior.

  • The proposal will use the following research questions.

    RQ1: Has Facebook increased the number of narcissistic individuals?

    RQ2: Do narcissistic Facebook users generate more content on their pages as compared to non-narcissistic individuals?

Research hypothesis

  • Young adults with narcissistic behavior lack any regards for others.

  • To make themselves feel relevant narcissists often use self-regulatory tactics.

  • According to Andreassen, Pallesen, and Griffiths (2017), narcissists’ self- regulation thrives due to the use of social media.

  • Social networking sites are perfect platforms where individuals are in control of their level of presentation.

  • Narcissists are attracted by the false reality presented on different social media platforms.

  • Users of social media networks can maintain large numbers of followers, something that significantly boosts narcissistic behavior.

  • Young adults with narcissistic behavior tend to have more social media postings.

  • Narcissists derive gratification from having more posts on social media.


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