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Plan for Implementing a New Curriculum in Your School

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after research best practices for curriculum implementation, create a plan for implementing a new curriculum in your school. to accomplish this task:

1- Locate at least two different sources about best practices regarding implementing new curriculums into the classroom.
2- Use those two sources to create a plan for implementation. this means how will you support teachers in learning the curriculum and using the curriculum.

3- This for early childhood or first-second-third grades



Plan for Implementing a New Curriculum in Your School

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Plan for Implementing a New Curriculum in Your School


Curriculum implementation involves putting into practice the officially approved lessons and academic content provided in school or a particular course or program. The process helps teachers to gain experience or knowledge. It is clear that the execution of a revised syllabus relies on educators because they are the central figure to the execution procedures. Implementation occurs when instructors gain the desired skills, knowledge and experiences that allow them to educate early childhood learners. To provide quality education, educators implement the new curriculum by adopting a specific execution plan that includes the following phases, planning, content and methods, implementation, and evaluation and reporting. 

Step I - Planning

            The planning stage is the basis for all prospectus implementation stages. The steps in this stage include:

a)      Identify Need

The implementation of the revised syllabus relies on teachers to recognize a particular academic problem. Morris and Adamson (2010) emphasize need identification is essential for teachers because it allows them to identify fixable concerns. It will enable them to establish the best way to teach the target audience because they are responsible for different techniques that offer learners what is needed. This stage provides tutors with the scope of the new curriculum.

b)     Create an Execution Plan

After understanding the scope of a revised prospectus, teachers create a plan that will deliver it to early childhood learners. The significance of this section permits educators to obtain expertise about the scope of the academic content and establish an effective method of teaching (Leung et al., 2012).

c)      Assess and Analyze the Identified Need

Under this section, educators conduct two processes namely needs assessment and analysis. Leung et al. (2012) explain that educators must evaluate and scrutinize the needs to understand what the target audience wants. This phase covers various sections that include conducting an academic scan and forming study groups. Needs analysis and assessment allows teachers to interpret collected data on the requirements of the learners.

Step II - Content and Methods

This phase allows educators to learn and use a new curriculum because it concentrates on the expected outcomes. It includes the following stages:



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