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Place and Identity in Linton Kwesi Johnson

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Read Linton Kwesi Johnson’s “Inglan Is a Bitch”  and Grace Nichols’s “Epilogue,” “The Fat Black Woman Goes Shopping,” and “Wherever I Hang.”  

 In 2 to 3 pages, compare and contrast what these two writers say about the relationship between place and self.

All these text can be found online, with a simple google search. Be sure to quote from the poems to support your points.  Please check how to quote poetry! All quotations must have line numbers. Plagiarism is not tolerated, cite ALL your sources


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Place and Identity in Linton Kwesi Johnson

 “Inglan is a Bitch” by Linton Johnson has the speaker as a male immigrant in Britain, struggling against prejudice and racism from Britain. The immigrants are working in poorly paid jobs and have pathetic living conditions in London suburbs. The speaker in this poem addresses his case about race and employment problems affecting immigrants. On the other “The Fat Black Woman Goes shopping” by Grace Nichols is a racism-toned poem on immigrant women, and she is essential to the discriminate society. The fat black woman is a Caribbean or African woman who is discriminated against by the white women on the basis of their definition of beauty, the concepts of fa and thin and other stereotypes.

Both the poems share the themes of racism, prejudice, sex and, prejudice. “Inglan is a bitch” is a poem that talks about immigrants; the speaker of the poem is a male immigrant who is subjected to a harsh environment of racists. The environment is very hostile and does not hold any place for a black immigrant who doesn’t believe in the eyes of the black to have a decent job or even living conditions. “Mi use to work dig ditch w’en it cowl noh b*tch Mi did strang like a mule, but bwoy, mi did fool” (Linton, line 25-26). The poem presents an irony of the expected; in London, the...


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