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Physical and Emerging Hazards: Appropriate Disposal of Physical Waste

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Physical and Emerging Hazards: Appropriate Disposal of Physical Waste


Physical and Emerging Hazards: Appropriate Disposal of Physical Waste

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Physical and Emerging Hazards: Appropriate Disposal of Physical Waste


Most human activities result in solid wastes which at the end of the day have to be disposed of. There are a number of solid waste disposal methods which can be employed to get rid of wastes. Recycling and incineration approaches are some of the most applied methods in solid waste disposal since they discourage landfill. Between recycling and incineration, the former is the best approach since it discourages landfill as well as protecting both human beings and the environment. Recycling results in benefits such as resource conservation, reduced pollution, and reduced energy consumption in the mining industry. Therefore, to effectively manage solid waste, both incineration and recycling can be relied upon by the local municipal.

Comparing Incineration and Recycling Waste Management Approaches

Incineration plays a pivotal role in getting rid of hazards substances which could adversely affect human health wise. Medical products and used syringes are very harmful to human health and since it is not practicable to recycle such products due to blood bone disease, incineration remains the best method through which medical substances can be disposed of (Dong, Chi, Zou, Fu, Huang & Ni, 2014). On the same note, recycling of solid waste has the capacity to improve human and environmental health. Through recycling of substances like waste steel drums which could act as the breeding sites for mosquitoes, the environment is made clean and human health is taken care of.

Incineration reduces environmental problems to a great extent not only by reducing the volume of the solid waste on the earth surface but also making them less harmful to the environment. Through incineration, harmful solid is burned at a very high temperature which makes them occupy lesser space and their chemical content is made harmless. Similarly, recycling of used plastics and scrap metals would help in the reduction of the number of solid wastes on the earth's surface. In addition recycling of substances like sued papers instead of throwing them would help conserve resources since there will be no need of cutting down more trees to provide raw materials for paper manufacturing industries (Dong et al., 2014).

Contrasting Incineration and Recycling Waste Management Approaches

Disposal of solid waste by incineration method if harmful to both human beings and plants. During incineration process substances like arsenic, dioxin, and mercury which are harmful to human being are released into the atmosphere (


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