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Personal Life and the Value of Critical Thinking

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  • our lives. Students are encouraged to identify fallacies that are and/or have been particularly harmful to personal happiness. Be sure to consult term paper Choose one of the three term paper options below and author a paper of at least 1,200 words. Papers will be graded once and no revisions will be permitted. Students are urged to 1) closely examine the instructions below, 2) review the term paper rubric below, 3) contact and/or meet the professor about any questions concerning the paper, and 4) to utilize the writing center’s services to ensure the submitted term paper is of the highest quality and, thus, more likely to receive a higher mark. Please note that term papers will be graded in a rigorous fashion, thus As are reserved for outstanding or excellent work, Bs for very good work, Cs for satisfactory work, Ds for poor work, and Fs for unacceptable work.


*****Option 2: Personal Life and the Value of Critical Thinking*****

Author a thesis-driven paper that answers this question: In what ways can critical thinking improve our personal lives? For this assignment you may deal directly with aspects of your personal life including choices, beliefs, relationships and the like. You might consider how thinking critically and creatively can help us avoid unhappiness and/or improve grading rubric.






Personal Life and the Value of Critical Thinking


Critical thinking involves the ability to solve problems, support own arguments and effectively communicate with others. For many reasons, it is an essential component in personal, academic and professional lives. It allows people to think and act purposefully. For example, people who make informed decisions are critical thinkers who avoid working on unfound beliefs. Corrective thinking lets individuals respond to questions by giving logical reasons for particular behaviors and influence others into similar thoughts and actions. Critical thinking is important because it enables people to improve their lives through aspects such as life choices, beliefs, relationships, and avoiding unhappiness.  

Critical Thinking in Life Choices

Rational reasoning improves personal lives since it helps people to make better decisions and gain a better understanding of actual life situations. Analytical thinking is essential when people are making an important decision concerning their lives such as whether to get married, where to live or work, and so on. For that reason, it influences individual choices and requires one to apply various intellectual tools of diverse information. According to Ritola (651) as a real-life model, rational thinking helps people to make important decisions about their lives. Hence, it has changed how people interpret situations and make decisions, by emphasizing on the significance of following logical steps and arriving at an appropriate conclusion.

The different approaches to critical thinking enhance the process of solving life problems. It is an essential element in critical logical growth which provides various methods to real-life issues, as well as the ability of serious analysis. Vaidya (534) explains that corrective thinking is not a stand-alone activity since just like other human activities it offers a feel-good factor. Corrective thinking is imperative when it helps other cognitive processes, such as being applied in problem-solving. Rational thinkers do not depend on standard methods of solving problems as they identify more effective approaches that increase their success. People make important life solutions when they think with purpose and appreciate their opinions may be wrong.

The value of logical thinking influences life choices and allows people to continue to experience intellectual development. The real world is complicated and requires...


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