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Personal Brand Profile-Flash Airlines

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In developing a personal brand, typically, you need to be able to condense everything down to three things for your audience:

1) Who are you?

2) What do you do?

3) What makes you different from others (especially those working in same industry); how do you create value for others?


  • You must answer all the questions in the document! You must also provide context for why you answer the question the way you do. Example: If your brand was a color, what would it be? Orange. According to Cameron Chapman's (2010) color theory article "Color Theory for Designers, Part 1: The Meaning of Color", orange can mean many things from core aspects of vibrancy, energy, creativity, and health. For me, however, I relate more to the muted forms of orange and its connection to the changing of the seasons in the Fall seasons. This represents warmth that I believe is connected to my personality and what I would want my brand to exude to my audience. Although, energy most certainly as well (but mostly after some caffeine). (You would put the reference of this source in your reference page then!) Take some time to reflect on the sets of questions. Think about why you answer the way you do, with the choices you do. What do those choices say about you, and you as a brand?
  • You are required to use at minimum 3 audio/visual elements. Where you can answer with images, do so. If you want to answer with other visuals like sound or video, link them in your document (make sure they work!). Add context as much as you feel you need for each question.
  • You are required to use at minimum three sources to support your answers (look the example in first bullet point where I connect a source to my analysis and connection to the color orange). You can use the text and/or other sources. You must cite in APA or MLA format for the in-text citations and reference page. 
  • Answer your questions in the Word document provided below. You can delete all the instructions in there, and then submit the document to the Dropbox. Please make sure you are using Times New Roman, 12 font, one-inch margins. 


Personal Brand Profile: Flash Airlines

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Flash Airlines

Flash Airlines is a new domestic airline servicing the states of America and one Canadian route. The company has its headquarters in Ohio.  Today most of the preferred mode of transport is air because it takes a very short time and is convenient for interstates meetings and other businesses. The less time send on air transport is the most convenient tool for business people and administrative personal; therefore, Flash Airline has taken advantage of the rise in the demand for air transport to come up with a less bureaucratic Airline company to save more time for travelers (Commaille). The company has adopted enthusiastic personnel willing to deliver the mandate of the company. The Flash logo symbolizes speed or happening in a very short time. The average amount of money that a person would pay for a flight ticket is around $380 on the interstate, but Flash Airlines have adopted an average of $357 in an attempt to outdo the competition already in place from the existing predominant airlines. The branding of the company has played another significant role as the company serves to meet its target of reducing commuting time. On average, the Airline saves 7 minutes compared to the existing bigger interstate company, and as...


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