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ORGCB/535 Assessment 2: Recruitment

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ORGCB/535 Competency 2 - Assessment and Rubric


 Course Tittle and Organizations

Competency Assessment Tittle: Recruitment

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Assignment Directions

Your internship with Southwest Airlines is turning into a great hands-on learning opportunity for you. Your manager has now tasked you with proposing a talent management plan for pilots at Southwest Airlines. Your proposal will be considered by the Director of HR to make a formal plan.



Develop a 5- to 6-page proposal that includes the following:


        A recommendation of 3 recruitment sources that are best suited to recruit pilots. Consider the quantity of resumes generated, the percentage of resumes likely to result in accepted offers, the time to fill a position and the cost to fill a position.

        An evaluation of common methods used to select a candidate o Recommend 3 methods for selecting new pilots. In your evaluation, consider reliability, validity, utility, and legality.

        An evaluation of common methods used to train and develop employees o Recommend 3 methods for training pilots at Southwest Airlines. Consider learning and development outcomes, cost of training and development, the effectiveness of training and development, and risks.

        An evaluation of common performance management systems  o Recommend 1 method for performance management of pilots at Southwest Airlines. Consider strategic congruence, validity, reliability, acceptability, and specificity.

        An evaluation of common methods to minimize voluntary turnover  o    Recommend 1 approach to retain pilots at Southwest Airlines. Consider methods for retaining employees, meeting pilot needs, and costs.


Submit your assignment.


ORGCB/535 Assessment 2: Recruitment

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Recruitment Methods

The recruitment process is that is purpose-driven. The recruitment process entails the purpose-driven actions of attracting, shortlisting, and selecting the right candidates for the various vacancies within an organization (Koch et al., 2018). Today's business environment is very competitive and very uncertain, and there is the urgency of having the right organizational plan for the recruitment process. The wrong method of recruitment adopted would result in the overall failure of businesses in achieving their mandate and reducing their production levels. The result of an unproductive company is closure and loss of jobs for the employees. It is, therefore, important to invest in the right recruitment methods to avoid decisional pitfalls; the right workforce in an organization is the driver of company objectives. This research proposal looks into the methods that can be used effectively for recruiting and developing a pilot with the main focus on Southwest Airlines.

There are multiple ways candidates find themselves in places of work today, unlike some few years ago when there was no internet to rely on. There are both direct and indirect sources. There are many new points of contact today, and the only contacts that applied for jobs were those finding it in newspapers. Only the classified sections of the local newspaper would respond to such applications (Muhammad et al., 2021). There are very many sources that make the contacts numerous. It is a bigger challenge now to select the right source of recruitment. The following three sources are recruitment that can be adopted for pilots’ recruitment.

Job boards are among the leading sources of recruitment a company can adopt. Likewise, pilots and airlines can effectively rely on job boards. Job boards have grown exponentially given the rise of online jobs search. Jobs that your designated pool of job searchers seek jobs would be an effective recruitment source. Most of the jobs for the entry...


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