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Organizational Strategy

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Books and Resources for this Week
Hinton, K. E. (2012). A practical guide to strategic planning in higher education. Society for College and University Planning.
Williams, H. S. & Johnson, T. L. (n. d.). Strategic leadership in schools. Education, 133(3), 350-355
Douglas County School District. (2014). Our strategic plan [Video file].
University of Washington. (2011). Tools and templates.
Week 6 - Assignment: Develop an Organizational
Due April 15 at 11:59 PM
For this assignment, use the Strategic Plan located on the Douglas County School District website, where you viewed the discussion of the Douglas County School District video with Dr. Liz Fagen, or locate a strategic plan from another educational institution found through an Internet search, including your educational organization. From that strategic plan, summarize and diagram the following:
• Review of the organization.
Define strategy points.
• Execute the plan.
• Determine what will be measured and how.
• Evaluate the plan - when and how will the evaluation occur.
• Offer capacity building recommendations.
You can use a table, chart, Visio, or any tool available to you to create your diagram summary. There is an example diagram in the resources this week from the University of Washington.
Length: 2-3 pages, not including the title page or reference pages
References: Minimum of three scholarly resources
Your diagram summary should demonstrate thoughtful consideration of the ideas and concepts presented by providing new thoughts and insights relating directly to this topic. Your response should reflect scholarly writing and current APA standards.



Organizational Strategy




Review of the organization strategy

In September 2015, Education Planners, LLC were hired by Douglas County School System so that to aid in the expansion and further development of the districts existing strategic plan. According to Hinton (2012), a strategic plan is recognized be significant in shaping the focus of institutional operations. The plan provides the needed tools to guide the direction of the district over the next few years by focusing on attainable and measurable outcomes in areas that require improvements.

Define strategy points

The strategic plan was focused on specific strategy points, for example, the provision of a framework that would support the evaluation of district performance and ensure that the Board of Education maintains its priorities. The plan was also to provide a measurable approach that would focus on achieving academic prosperity (Douglas County School District, 2014). Besides, the plan was also aimed at creating a clear path for meeting the district's operational objectives effectively, efficiently and responsibly.

Execute the plan

I will execute the drafted strategic plan by analyzing the district education, where I will perform a SWOT analysis. Additionally, I recognize that so that to attain the specific strategy points I will initiate a full district-wide survey (Douglas County School District, 2014). This will provide me with the capacity to review a wide range of information and engage in extensive dialogue with the different stakeholders.


Determine what will be measured and how

The outcomes of the strategic plan will be measured based on four strategic themes that are communication, community, resources, and teaching and learning. These themes represent the four areas targeted for improvement by the strategic plan. Usually, specific themes are utilized in the identification of action steps, strategic approaches, measurable outcomes, performance objectives (William & Johnson, n.d).

In the process of measuring the outcomes of the implementation of the strategic plan, I will conduct an in-depth reflection complemented by hosting honest dialogues so that to shape the critical components of the plan. According to Douglas County School District (2014),...


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