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Organization Behavior


Write about how you see communication, motivation, and change in the movie? Write like a presentation script.  Relate the theme from the note or textbook with the plots and characters from the movie major league 1989 (https://tubitv.com/movies/499444/major-league) For example, the Reinforcement Theory: Brown instructs players to do sit-ups and push-ups as punishment for their poor performance during spring training The team members change from low morale to high morale. (first, they are like what? why did they change? and how did that change motive them to perform better?) when manager Charlie Donovan told Brown about Phelps' plan, Brown uses this to motivate his players to win. He finds a nud Re photo of Phelps and turns it into a clothed cardboard cutout. When the team wins a game, he removes one piece of clothing until she’s completely naked.
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