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Online Training Opportunity

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Online Training Opportunity


Online Training Opportunity


Institution /Affiliation

Today, due to technological advancement various online platforms have been developed therefore it is possible for an institution to publish its academic content thereby creating an avenue for internet publishing and learning to the general public (William et al., 2001). Specialized online platforms such as Learning Management System (LMS) provide the required support imperative for the establishment of online training and learning through communication and content sharing. Even though online education has its limitations, there exist various advantages of adopting online learning that underline why these systems represent the most significant revolution in present-day education. The current professional development at the Louisiana State University depicts the several problems that are associated with the old traditional system of education. For instance, students are expected to pay a lot of money so that to attend the school this is complemented by the shortage of classrooms, thus limiting the educational scope of specific students. Such cases have prompted students across the globe to adopt online education through various platforms. The Louisiana State University will find it necessary to embrace this greatest revolution characterizing the present day education concerning the capacity to share educational content on online platforms.

Reasons for adopting online learning

            Presently, online learning is gaining more popularity as result of being adopted by different educational institutions, most especially universities. The increase in availability of technological devices complemented by the increasing demand for engaging in learning experiences, provide the precedence why the Louisiana State University should adopt online learning. Hughes (2004) argues that though traditional learning system is efficient, it is also highly inflexible where education, discussions and any other interactions are limited to taking place in-person. However, online platforms provide reasons why students should be accorded the opportunity to use different interactive delivery techniques to access educational content on their technological devices such as laptops. The adoption of online learning strategies will ensure that the Louisiana State University effectively reduces the amount of tuition fees spent training students in traditional classrooms. Online education is provided digitally; thus this will provide significant benefits both for the university as an organization as well as to the learners. Investment in online learning will ensure that the university meets the rising demand as well as benefit from the economies of scale.

Figure 1: Increase in online enrolment (Kastomitoros, 2013).

            Kastomitoros (2013) asserts that online learning ensures that institutions are fully empowered to compete in the developing world. As a result, this underlines and stresses on the need for Louisiana State University to adopt the system as a focal point for its international educational strategies. To implement these systems the university will have to create multiple free portals for lecturers so that they can be...


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