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Obesity Article Review

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1.     Find a minimum of one peer-reviewed journal article (no older than 5 years) related to your clinical topic of interest. Do not use a meta-analysis or systematic review.

2.     Critique the journal article, fully answering the following questions

3.     This critique should be NO MORE THAN 4-5 pages (not including the cover page and reference page)

4.     Utilize the APA levels of headings on page 62 of the APA Manual

5.     APA formatting required (Include appropriate APA level/headings)


Obesity Article Review: “Physical Activity and Quality of Life in Severely Obese Adults during a Two-Year Lifestyle Intervention Programme”




The peer-reviewed article titled, ‘Physical Activity and Quality of Life in Severely Obese Adults during a Two-Year Lifestyle Intervention Programme,' was written by Randi Jepsen, Eivind Aadland, Lesley Robertson, Ronette Kolotkin, John Andersen, and Gerd Natvig. The article was published in 2015 by Hindawi Publication Corporation. The authors argue that it remains unknown how the quality of life is affected by the changes in physical activity during lifestyle interventions among individuals suffering from obesity (Jepsen et al., 2015). This research aims at examining the relation between the adoption of positive life interventions and the alteration that ensues in the quality of life among individuals with obesity over a period of two years.

            This study was approved and monitored by the ‘Regional Committee for Medical and Health Research Ethics for South-East Norway under the registration number 2010/159’ (Jepsen et al., 2015, p.3). The collected data on the relation between the changes in physical activities and the quality of life was obtained through appropriate informed consent procedures. According to Jepsen et al. (2015), the participants were informed about the purpose of the research study as required by the Helsinki Declaration. The authors of this research article recognize that ethical consideration underline an individual's moral judgment about right and wrong. Through attaining the consent of the participants, the authors of this study did the right course of action.

            The research problem in this study is underlined by the investigation of how the adoption of lifestyle interventions affects the quality of life among severely obese adults (Jepsen et al., 2015). The research problem in this study builds an effective persuasive argument considering the increasing difficulties and awareness surrounding obesity. The problem statement is easily located at the end of the introduction; it focuses on the relationship between the self-sufficient and reliant variables used in the study. The research question and hypothesis are based on how the change in lifestyle influences the quality of life hence the research hypothesis predicts the relationship between the two variables.

Quasi-experimental is the research design used in this article journal it involves the use of whole groups as opposed to individuals at random. The authors of this study did not randomly assign the participants to treatment and control groups. The authors assigned different groups to treatment and control categories. Jepsen at al. (2015) asserts the general practitioners referred the patients to be used as participants. The...


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