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Nutrition Advertisement: McDonalds

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Nutrition Advertisement: McDonalds 


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Nutrition Advertisement: McDonalds

In my recent class activity, I decided to choose and analyze the McDonald nutrition-related adverts. Through the use of routine marketing on Prosperity burgers, McDonald influences the fast food choices of loyal and prospective customers. I believe that by running successful marketing campaigns, McDonald manages to convince customers to buy its products. This commercial influence ensures that the company gains market dominance.

To influence customers to buy either chicken or beef burgers the commercial affirms that these food products contain less than 500 calories. Using the slogan, “coming home to prosperity” the commercial assures customers that they have control over their calories intake (McDonald). The change in calorie intake changes how consumers’ look and feel.

The commercial targets fast food enthusiasts. McDonald uses online advertising techniques to reach customers of all ages; this is despite direct rivals targeting kids. The promise of low calories makes Prosperity burgers popular within the fast food industry. The advert makes it easier for the company to update the target audience on the updated menu items.

The McDonald advert emphasizes that the chicken and beef burger are the perfect meals to be consumed during breakfast hours because of their nutrition value. Most health-conscious people consider breakfast as an essential meal of the day. The commercial assures consumers that by consuming the Prosperity burgers, they kick-start their metabolism, hence burning more calories.

To manage the attention of the target audience the commercial uses the element of family and togetherness. In the commercial, there is a young lady who visits a McDonald outlet and orders a chicken burger. While having her meal, she receives a video call and surprisingly her family is having the same meal. The visual creates an impression that McDonald values family.

The information provided in the commercial is factual because McDonald indicates that the Prosperity burgers contain less than 500 calories. According to the advert on Prosperity burgers, the nutrition information is acquired from various accredited laboratory tests. This information gives credibility to the claims regarding the nutrition value of the chicken and beef burgers.

To underline the credibility...


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