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Nomination speech script

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In this speech, students will nominate a person or a company for an award.   Note:  You should not choose an award this person has already won.  He or she can be nominated for the award but ultimately lost out to someone else (in which case you would make the argument as to why s/he deserved to win), but don't choose someone who, for example, has won an Oscar for Best Actor, and then tell us why s/he deserves the "Best Actor" Award.  This should be a real award that students have researched and know the requirements for. Again, this topic can range from ideas including a U.N. Goodwill Ambassador, Professor of the Year at Lynn University, and a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Students should indicate what the award is for, why this company/person is receiving it, and what they have done to earn it in a 3-4 minute speech.  (suggested length:  2 typed pages)

Consider including the following in your Nomination Speech:  (not all of these may "work" depending on the award and person:

·       how things were prior to this person's achievement;

·       what knowledge your nominee had of the situation and what actions they choose to take (how s/he got involved initially);

·       the scale of the achievement and whether it is completed or ongoing;

·       the achievement’s sustainability and impact on the community, the nation, the industry or the world, and how it has enriched the lives of others;

·       what made this an outstanding achievement – indicate any extraordinary circumstances or challenges the nominee faced (include  testimonials, statistics or historical background if applicable);

·       what makes your nominee different from others doing the same thing?  How does this person stand out?


Nomination speech script

It is with great pleasure I would like to recommend Professor Paul Gormley for the award as the best professor of the academic year2020/2021 at Lynn University. Throughout my years of education I have witnessed effective teaching. Tutors provide instructions, and students learn. However, coming across a tutor gifted with teaching- the ability to light up the classroom with inspiration- truly is rare.


At Lynn University, we are blessed to have a professor with teaching and mentoring gifts. There is no doubt in my mind that our Lynn University educator, mentor, and a couch, Paul Gormley, optimizes his effort to impact students in professional and personal lives positively. The professor views every aspect of teaching as a form of engagement. He has the responsibility to develop, deliver, and support effective content. Give students opportunity to draw from personal experience- through his ability to help them use personal experience to illustrate conceptual issues.


I have enjoyed interacting with Mr. Paul for about three years, both in the classroom and in mentorship seminars. Mr. Paul is an energetic and motivational classroom teacher who is leading the most competitive group at Lynn University. In his tenure at Lynn University, the institution's fraternity has realized that Mr. Paul is a devoted lecturer who constantly works to enhance his teaching skills while connecting with students who are contributing to society.



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