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Modern vehicles are more secure than old days vehicles

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Modern vehicles are more secure than old days vehicles

Write an argumentative essay discussing Modern vehicles are more secure than old days vehicles. 

· Introduction

· Argument (In this section you supporting modern day vehicles)

· Counter Argument 

· Conclusion


Modern vehicles are more secure than old days vehicles

It is the desire of every human being to board on vehicles and travel to their destinations safely. However, sometimes that may not be the case due to some security issues facing the means of transport such as buses and cars. Apparently, over the years there have been constant efforts to improve the security of passengers using vehicles to travel from place to place. Introduction of speed governors, safety bells, computerized vehicles among others have gone a long way in improving security in modern vehicles. It is more secure to travel in modern vehicles than the old day's vehicles, therefore, modern vehicles should be recommended in the transport industry.

First, modern vehicles are more secure than old day’s vehicles because of the introduction of speed governors. Unlike in the old days whereby a vehicle could travel at any speed that it could, the case has changed in the modern days because the vehicle can only travel at the stipulated speed. This aspect is more crucial in reducing the number of accidents which could have been caused due to over speeding.  The speed governor is also important in ensuring that in case of accidents the number of people lost is minimal or none at all. For example, in the cases where the accident is not intentional or due to carelessness and due to a reckless driver that the accident will not be severe since the vehicle was not traveling at a high speed.

Second, the other aspect which makes modern vehicles more secure than old days vehicles include the introduction of safety bells. Old days vehicles had no safety bells therefore in case of an accident no matter how small the accident could be, there would be a loss of many lives. However, with the introduction of safety bells, the number of people dying because of accidents have been reduced. Safety bells have also contributed to the loss of lives by ensuring that the driver is comfortable and in the position where he or she should be, therefore, being in control while driving. For example, when taking a sharp corner the driver may tilt from the position, therefore, losing control of the vehicle thus causing an accident. Safety bells have also contributed to the comfort of critically sick people when they are traveling or being moved from one hospital to another. For instance, people who have back and spinal issues.

Third, the introduction of computerized vehicles has made modern vehicles more secure than the old day's vehicles. These vehicles are fitted with cameras which assist the drivers when they are driving. For instance, when a driver is reversing the vehicle. The cameras will help the drivers to know when they are about to hit a wall or an object. The cameras and the computerized system will also help in ensuring that the vehicle is not hit by...


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