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MKT 132 Short Essays-Apple INc.

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Answer the following three questions. All responses should consist of a minimum of 150 words and be double-spaced.

As good management begins and ends with communication, grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure are as important as subject matter. Please use examples to support your response. The relevance of the example is crucial.

1.      Using a company with which you are familiar, or can find information, explain how the sales process demonstrates the company’s strategy.

2.      Are salespeople born or trained? Cite at least one example from corporate America to support your response 

3. Regarding selecting and hiring salespeople, what has surprised you most? What have you “learned” about sales management and its impact on business?



MKT 132 Short Essays

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MKT 132 Short Essays

Apple Inc. is a multinational technology business entity manufacturing and distributing electronic and technology gadgets such as personal computers, smartwatches, tablet computers, computer peripherals, and computer software. Steve Jobs initiated Apple Inc. in 1976 and was headquartered in Cupertino, California, in the United States of America (Khan et al., 2017). Apple Inc. Company strategy is product differentiation. According to Soriney et al. (2018), Product differentiation is a marketing strategy designed to distinguish an organization's commodities from its competitors. The international business establishment differentiates its products and services by making them simple of high-quality design and functionality compared to competitors. For example, Apple iPhones are simple, portable compared to the Samsung galaxy. The company founder Steve Jobs built Apple Inc. around a particular set of core values and a customer-oriented approach. Instead of just viewing operations as "operations," the organization makes it a point to show that they stand for something in every aspect of the operation. Apple Inc. is about enriching the lives of its customers. 

Salespeople are made, not born. Sales, like any other skill it requires practice and refines to gain needed expertise in the field. Some individuals have natural skills and passions set that lend themselves to sales, but excellent sales personnel have to refine their talents. According to Hite & Bellizzi (2019), every sales situation is unique, but specific sales challenges are common such as effective prospecting, getting to decisions, and budget being available, and they frequently arise. For example, Apple Inc. has a salesperson training program to helps them address obstacles they encounter in their profession. Technological advancement also brings significant changes in the sales profession. Salespersons, including the talented, have to learn to deal with the new changes in the field. The more salespersons are exposed to obstacles, the more expertise they gain in dealing with the challenge. They refine their skills and anticipate the occurrence of these challenges. Rejection is a common problem in the sales...


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