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MK351 Unit 2 Analysis Assignment

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Required Book:

Title: Principles of Marketing

Author: Jeff Tanner and Mary Anne Raymond

ISBN-13: 9781453399323

Publisher: FlatWorld Publishing

Edition: Custom

MK351 Unit 3: Analysis Assignment


This assignment provides opportunities to analyze the concepts learned in the unit. Work individually to prepare responses to the questions listed. The text should be your primary source of information.

Unit Learning Outcomes

ULO 1: Distinguish between targeted marketing and mass marketing and explain what led to the rise of each. (2)

ULO 2: Describe the ways in which markets are segmented. (2)

ULO 3: Explain why positioning is an important element when it comes to targeting consumers. (2)

ULO 4: Explain what repositioning is designed to do. (2)

ULO 5: Explain the various types of offerings marketed to individual consumers. (3)

ULO 6: Explain the branding decisions firms make when they’re developing new products. (3)


Your answers should show familiarity with the text and topics being covered in the unit.

Use the text, lecture notes, and/or PowerPoint as references

Each question response should consist of at least 150 words.

Responses should be free of typographical, spelling, and grammar errors.

Review the analysis assignment grading rubric and the marketing plan rubric on the Assignments and Grading page.


1. (120 words) Provide an explanation for the difference between mass and targeted marketing.

·        Give an example of each.

2. (120 words)   How have companies such as JC Penney and Target tried to change their position or re-position their stores?

3. (120 words)  Explain the various types of offerings marketed to individuals.

·        Provide an example of each.

4. (120 words) The text says that branding is much more than labeling or packaging.

·        Provide some examples where you believe the product did not live up to the brand.

·        Discuss how the offering and the desired brand image have to be consistent using examples to illustrate how consistency works,

5.  In week six you will complete a 2,500 word marketing plan for either a business you wish to start, or an existing business of your choosing. Your report must follow the marketing plan rubric on the Assignments and Grading Page. Review the marketing plan rubric and the marketing plan outline posted in the student files area.

(120 words) Describe how you will segment your market for the product/service you have chosen for your marketing plan.


Part 2

100 words - Directions

View the video in chapter 5 titled, Target Market for Yogurt Sellers (https://youtu.be/qMRDLCR8vAE?t=171 ) and provide a few brief comments with respect to its relevancy to this unit’s marketing concepts.



MK351 Unit 2 Analysis Assignment

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MK351 Unit 2 Analysis Assignment

1.      The difference between a Mass Marketing and target marketing

Mass marketing is an undifferentiated approach that aims at reaching as many people as possible. The strategy focuses on producing many products and selling to all customers regardless of their age, financial or social class. For example, Coca-Cola Company portrays the overall population as one large mart by creating many potential consumers who are willing to buy. Contrary, target marketing is the approach in which the seller focuses on selling to a particular group of people in the market (Gilbreath, 2019). A company tries to reach a segmented audience in the market and tell them about the existing goods. For example, Apple's company target market is the iPhone brand to high and middle-class individuals. ...


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