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Military: The Ground Truth Reflective Writing

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Please watch  The Ground Truth for next class.

This documentary is about the military. 

Guiding questions to answer in your 2 page response:

  • Who does the military target for recruiting?
  • What touched you from the veterans' stories? Provide proof you watched the documentary.
  • Remember our definition of the state: the organized repression of one social class by another. How does the military play a similar role to the police?
  • Then Listen to Immortal Technique's "Peruvian Cocaine." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ObCVwR4M0ZA
  • According to the lyrics, who are the main players in the drug trade?
  • Who benefits from drugs? Who is hurt?
  • Who do you blame for the drug trade?


Military: The Ground Truth Reflective Writing

The documentary “The Ground Truth is a post-view of the experiences of the Iraq war veterans and a look into the sides of the militants. The documentary gives a plight of the damage resulting from the military training and war from “dehumanizing” militants. The military, in their recruitment and training, had the youths and the poor people. The poor youth were the targets and could even be drawn from schools. The recruiters were at schools’ entrances to convince the poor youth to join the military and were therefore much susceptible to the idea. One of the fascinating things I have learned from the documentary is the fact that a soldier has to wake up in the morning knowing that he is there in the field to terminate lives. It is very much interesting as Sean Huze narrates that he knew and would work knowing that his work was to end lives. Amid the benefits like education, he says that the main purpose of the mission is to kill. He stresses that the primary course is to take life, and there is no room for mistakes.

The police and the military are two different entities but have a similarity of purpose. The primary role of the two entities is to ascertain there is peace by protecting the citizens from insecurities. The military may majorly take responsibility for external security threats, and the police are inclined domestically. The bottom line is that the forces and the police stress the importance of having discipline, teamwork, responsibility, punctuality and decision making prowess.

The war against drug and substance use has never been genuine, and those who act fiercely on the TVs news in fighting the elimination of these drugs are the front runners in the flooding of these drugs in the united states and in the rest of the world. The government plays a major role in...


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