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Metacognitive Reflection

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Hello all, if you were not able to be in our class session today, or if you just want to rehear it:


I've posted a video to Canvas (module week ten) with hopefully clear instructions on how to create your final ePortfolios, with an important new writing assignment: a (two+ page) metacognitive reflection on how your writing practice has changed through/over this writing course. Please email me if you need any clarifications. 


Metacognitive Reflection


I guess before starting this class I was not honest with myself. I have always thought of myself as an outstanding writer in different genres. But I have come to realize that I had learned many things in the past, but that was insufficient, at least this semester taught me I need to know more concerning communication in literary interactions with different audiences. One philosopher, Vet Thanh Nyuyen, once said, “A person’s strength was always his weakness, and vice versa.” Well, I guess my inability to know what I did not know can be attributed to the difference in the learning environment, I feel that this first quarter has opened me to a person that is fully cognizant of personal strengths and weaknesses. Having colleagues with diverse academic capabilities has also enabled me to me know I was falling short in different areas like rhetorical and academic writing in general. In this e-portfolio, I will recount my journey in the 39A academic writing classes and how knowledge gained in this course is in line with the learning objectives of the course.

Grammar and communication

Grammar constitutes the most significant part of literary communication. I was not surprised that I had lots of problems writing different assignments. My grammar was average, and this is an attribute I was not proud of. I think the biggest problem was that even after editing my work, I would always overlook errors, this rendered my communication with readers unclear. This reality made me very frustrated. On this matter, to better my skills, I remember my professor always told me to ensure all sentences were clear and contained specific information on the subject matter.




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