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Mathematics and Science Personal Statement

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Mathematics and Science Personal Statement


Mathematics and Science Personal Statement

Mathematics, overlooked as it is at times, is a critical part of human life. Take an example; one wants to do some simple personal spending evaluation or to assess the growth or decline of some business. In all these instances, mathematics determines every bit of success or failure in life. I look at mathematics as an enabling tool for solving all types of life complications; that is why I enjoy teaching math because I know I can solve today's and future problems. When I was growing up, my family used to run a business at the edge of our estate. I could see how my father would balance 'figures' to see if the company made any profits of losses. The exposure to family business helped me love 'numbers,' and I would rather deal with 'numbers' for the rest of my life, but again, I would not like to age with my knowledge without sharing it with my students.

First of all, dealing with students in a classroom setup calls for plenty of soft skills. Luckily, I have lots of them. Communication is my most reliable quality that I keep updating every time I get a chance to interact with a different group of people; this cuts across to people from different backgrounds. For example, I remember in 2016, 2018, and 2019; I would work primarily outside the country in charity missions. In the African communities, I learned many things regarding communication amidst the cultural variation. I also tend to think I am very organized. Teaching science and math calls, not only comprehension, but neatness as well. These qualities will help me to interact well and deliver quality to my students.

My previous studies and work experience have a mutual correlation with the subjects that I am targeting to teach. To begin with, regarding my education at A-level, I achieved an A in Maths and an A in chemistry and B physics. I feel that I can assist...


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