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Managing Covid-19 Effects

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Managing Covid-19 Effects






Managing Covid-19 Effects

The World Health Organization (WHO) declared COVID-19 as a global public health emergency of international concern on 30th January 2020 as well as a pandemic on 11th March 2020” (Adnan & Kainat 45). The declaration of this pandemic was taken seriously by countries across the globe. One most imminent thing was that people would no longer travel freely, would not do business as usual, and many countries, including the great United Stated, had to force its citizen to remain indoors to avoid physical contact. During its declaration as a global pandemic, coronavirus was known to be spread through physical contact; the situation remains the same to date. Other than curtailing people's movement, the coronavirus has also significantly affected business across the world, mainly because nations are interconnected as far as doing business is concerned. The same effects were spread across all other sectors of the economy, with tourism and education being hit the most. To manage the impact of Covid-19, liaison and international integration, economic stimulus planning, and digitization of learning are among the key strategies that can be used to remedy the damaging effects of the pandemic.

First, the effects of Covid-19 can be managed by encouraging liaison and international integration because it brings the synergy required to limit the spread of the pandemic. Unity of direction is one of the most desirable values when the world is battling an acute disease. In such an instance, it is necessary to bring all nations together to devise a viable solution and funding needed to keep the entire world safe. According to research, the world has learned many lessons during the period, and “one of these invaluable lessons was that international collaboration is an indispensable part of the preparation for such outbreaks” (Momtazmanesh et al. 1181). Togetherness creates an opportunity for dialogue in solving the pending problem. For example, collaboration during the pandemic led to the closure of many tourist destinations, including air-travel services in different parts of the world (Adnan, Muhammad, & Kainat). However, this could not be achieved by only one country or a selected few. This affirms the position that the management of Covid-19 is a struggle beyond the commitment of a few countries. All countries should take part in averting the ranging dangers of the pandemic.

Secondly, Covid-19 can be managed through economic stimulus...


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