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Lollipop Moments by Drew Dudley

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  • Drew Dudley talks about "lollipop moments." Mike Slaughter encourages us to invest in others. Much of the other material read and discussed this week has been about ways that we can connect socially with other people.  For this week's reflection piece, consider the following questions:
  • Describe a lollipop moment that you have experienced (either where you were the person giving "the lollipop" or where you were the person receiving "the lollipop").  How did that experience affect you?
  • Reflect on the social skills we have discussed this week.  How can you use some of these skills to create "lollipop moments" for people around you in the future?

Your response should be 500-700 words.  Write your reflections in paragraph form with appropriate opening and closing comments. If you use materials from other sources, cite them in APA style.


The assignment must be in active voice. Example: ″Cinderella cleaned the stepmother′s house.″ (Active voice.)


Lollipop Moments by Drew Dudley

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Lollipop Moments

Recently I watched Ted Talks’ Drew Dudley, and I learned that a “lollipop moment” refers to when someone says or does something that makes the other person feel better. I experienced my moment during elementary school when my class teacher negatively criticized my public speaking skills. Heartbroken, my parents assured me I had every chance to improve myself; for that reason, I invested time in reading; after three attempts, I was chosen to represent the school nationally.  My “lollipop moment” came from my parents as they motivated me to believe in myself; therefore, it encouraged me to invest in others, improving them.

My experience with my parents inspired me to develop myself by enhancing my public speaking skills. Leadership entails assuming control of unclear situations to motivate and inspire an individual experiencing uncertainty (Morgen, 2016). Dudley (2010) narrated how he unknowingly impacted the life of a college student through demanding a male learner to her a lollipop. She reluctantly accepted the gesture; however, after a few years, she approached him and declared how that moment developed her courage to face situations of uncertainty, especially challenges of the first year in school. Therefore, just like in my story, a “lollipop moment” acted as the student’s inspiration to face life hurdles and challenges. Not only did my experience inspire me but motivated me to my social abilities to help others.

I learned that “lollipop moments” are unforgettable; as a result, I decided to utilize my communication...


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