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Literature Review Connection Connections between Homelessness and mental health

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Research question: What exactly is the connection between homelessness and mental illness among adult in New York in the past 5 years?

TIP for article research: “look for key work in your research question”

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Literature review

Annotated bibliography (NO LESS THAN 12 ARTICLES PEER REVIEWED)

1-      References (APA STYLE)

2-      SUMMARY of each article after citation (2 paragraph)

a)      Including research questions, methods, and findings (1 short paragraph including the most important details)

b)      Your appraisal (what you have learned, what you have taking away in one paragraph)

Example:   Reference of article 1 (APA style)



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Literature Review Connection Connections between Homelessness and mental health

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Annotated bibliography

Gutwinski, S., Schreiter, S., Deutscher, K., & Fazel, S. (2021). The prevalence of mental disorders among homeless people in high-income countries: An updated systematic review and meta-regression analysis. PLoS medicine18(8), e1003750.https://journals.plos.org/plosmedicine/article?id=10.1371/journal.pmed.1003750

The issue of Homelessness is common in developing and developed countries. This peer review article analysis how mental health among homeless people in high-income countries is associated with increased cases of mortality and morbidity. The publication supports a strong connection between mental health issues and Homelessness. Therefore, it is the role of the public health and agencies dealing with these issues to understand this pattern of morbidity for effective intervention.

The research in the article comprises both meta-analysis and systematic review where data from different individual researchers were analyzed, and conclusions were drawn. Some of the reputable sources these researchers were retrieved include google scholar, Medline, and PsycINFO. From the findings of these researches, the prevalence of mental health disorders among the homeless population in high-income countries was 76%. The leading factor that connects these two concepts, according to this research, was alcohol and drug abuse. There were also significant causes of schizophrenia and major depressive disorders. In concluding the findings, researchers assert a substantial connection between homelessness and substance abuse, which needs to be considered in strategizing interventions. 

From this publication, Homelessness and mental health issues are two interconnected and inseparable concepts. Meaning successful intervention on one f the issues should consider the other. Elimination of mental health issues without solving housing issues may be ineffective and vice versa. For this case, it is upon the public health to collaborate with relevant housing authorities for a collective approach. 

Balasuriya, L., Buelt, E., & Tsai, J. (2020). The never-ending loop: Homelessness, psychiatric disorder, and mortality. Psychiatr. Times37(5), 12-14.https://www.psychiatrictimes.com/view/never-ending-loop-homelessness-psychiatric-disorder-and-mortality

The interconnectedness between mental health issues and Homelessness poses a question and needs to know what causes the other. This article describes interconnectedness as an endless loop where each one of the issues can cause the other, and thus, they are inseparable. However, the authors are more focused on analyzing how Homelessness causes mental health issues. The authors assert that mapping the exact direction of correlation between these concepts is complicated even with this perspective.

This article has utilized a descriptive research design to comprehensively shed light on the effects of Homelessness and mental health issues. From the research findings, the authors say that Homelessness causes the victims to suffer major depressive disorders, especially when they are disadvantaged in other basic needs due to the increased poverty rate. Additionally, the findings show that most of the victims suffering Homelessness and mental health issues are from the ethnic minority population. The increased morbidity and mortality cases from this association are attributed to challenges in accessing healthcare services, probably because of poverty and ethnic issues.

Stigma and vulnerability are the main characteristics of homeless people in New York and globally. This state of vulnerability predisposes most of the homeless population to the development of depressive...


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