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Literacy: Woman Hollering Creek

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Part Two of Final
This part of the final is based on another short story, Woman Hollering Creek, by Sandra Cessernos, the writer whose work we explored early in our semester.
Link to the short story:

( The short story is attached at the bottom) 

In this short story, Cissernos’ female characters shatter their confined gender roles in search of identities that are more desirable to their own aspirations. There are strong feminist overtones in this story.


This section of the final requires two - three full pages (you have a choice, but the absolute minimum is two full pages).  Answer both of these prompts in your response. However, it is perfectly acceptable to place more emphasis (a longer answer) on prompt #2. 

1.     What are the roles for women outlined in the story, and how does Felice defy them? 

2.     What is the author’s message about being a woman, a mother, an immigrant, and/or a wife in America? 


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Literacy: Woman Hollering Creek

In the short story "Woman Hollering Creek," female characters accept and push back against how men are treating them. Sometimes these women give in reluctantly to the gendered expectations but still find a way to disrupt this treatment and dishonest attention to gain power. According to the expectations of a woman in the short story, a woman is expected to play the role of loving and suffering for love. A woman is expected to live in isolation and not engage with her neighbors, whether in pain or loneliness. It is almost evident that women are expected to suffer in dealing with men. When there is no man in a woman's life, she is expected to suffer, and similarly if the woman is in an unhappy marriage. 

A woman is expected to be a housewife, Cleofilas even on suffering. She points out the situation of Graciela and Felice as representing the model of powerful women controlling their own lives; they have their own money. Women are also bound by culture to remain subject to men and do not care about mistreatment; a woman should remain and protect love and family. According to the culture, Graciela and Felice are not the right examples of the right women. In this context, they are perceived as uncontrollable and not fit. Felice stands out in her character and fights for independence and freedom from the shackles of culture. "Everything this woman, this Felice, Amazed Cleofilas. The fact that she drives a pickup. A pickup, mind...


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