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Librarian Professional Organization

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As a public library manager or director, chances are good that you will be involved with one or more support services or organizations. This may be in your role as manager/director, in serving on a committee, or as part of your professional development.
• Identify a professional organization you might join as a public librarian. (Texas Library Association (TLA) 
• Research a role in that organization as an officer, committee member, subcommittee member, etc. 
• Tell us about the responsibilities you might have serving in that role
• Tell us why you chose that role and the benefits you expect it would have to your career


Librarian Professional Organization




As a student aspiring to be a librarian with the intention of becoming a public library manager, I am convinced that libraries offer much more than just lending books. Libraries provide services such as fax services, event hosting, and computer laboratories (TLA, 2002). Public library managers are the individuals given the responsibility of supervising these services, as well as the normal operations of a library and have chances of being involved with one or more support services or organizations. In future to enhance my professional development, I will join the Texas Library Association (TLA). 

In the United States, TLA is among the most significant state library association with a membership of over 70,000 individuals who serve as librarians in different institutions such as schools, public, academic, and so on. Through my extensive research on the operations of TLA, I realize that the organization was established in 1902 so that to improve, support and promote library services in Texas. Joining a professional organization provides public librarians with an opportunity to develop their profession (TLA, 2002). Members of professional organization enjoy certain services such as access to funding, educational opportunities, discounts on annual conferences and so on.

There are various roles allocated to the members of TLA within the organization. However, my point of interest will be attaining the role of the Executive Director. This position is held by the senior most operating officer at the TLA. I feel that the executive director has the same responsibilities as a chief executive officer (CEO) who runs a profit-oriented entity. The director or a professional library organization has the responsibility of operating within a budget, working in tandem with the Board of Directors, managing day-to-day activities and establishing strategic plans (TLA, 2002).

My career ambition is underlined by the fact that I aspire to serve in the role of the Executive Director at the TLA. In this capacity, I will have the responsibility of working with the TLA board of directors. The board of directors plays a significant role in the process of decision making (TLA, 2002). As an executive director, I will act as a liaison between the rest of the organization and the board of directors. Besides,...


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