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Letter of Appreciation

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Assignment (40%)

Please hand in a hardcopy of your completed assignment on or before the due date to the lecturer in class.

Task 1: Write a reply in English to a potential customer’s inquiry (15%)

Context: Your company is based in China and produces sporting equipment for both the domestic and overseas markets. You have received an inquiry letter from an Australian company interested in the range of products on offer by your company. Please write a reply to the inquiry. Your letter should be based on real-life situations, containing company names, addresses and details of products as close to real life as possible and should follow the format and rules of business letter writing, as explained in the lectures. The length of your letter should be around 250 words.

Task 2: Write a short essay, in English, about your knowledge and understanding of e-commerce in relation to international trade, especially in relation to Sino-foreign business activities (25%)

Context: please write about your knowledge and understanding of e-commerce in international trade, especially in relation to China. You may include your own experience in e-commerce, such as dealing with overseas clients online or with online purchases from overseas shopping platforms. If you do not have such experience, you may talk to someone who has. Please also comment on how important e-commerce is in international trade today by giving examples and reflect on how mobile technologies (instant messaging apps such as WhatsApp, WeChat, and mobile payment tools such as Apple Pay, Alipay, etc) have transformed international business activities. Your essay should be no less than 400 words and no more than 500 words.

Assessment Criteria

You must respond appropriately to:

(1)  Register (language used for a particular purpose or in a particular social setting) – formality and politeness

(2)  Organisation – clear and logical

(3)  Style – concise and clear

(4)  Content – relevant and complete

(5)  Format – business letter format for task 1.



           The completed assignment must be printed on A4 paper and submit hard copy.

•           You may ask your teachers specific questions such as where to put the dateline,

but you may not ask them to go through drafts of your assignment before you hand them in.  

*           You are reminded that you must not plagiarize, copy each other’s work or otherwise cheat. Your assignment must be your own independent work. Penalty will apply for cheating.





Assignment Part 1 and 2








Republic of China

Tianjin, Hexi District

Tianjin City, 65454

Weijin South Road 100

Denim International Sports Providers Inc.


August 24, 2018


Ms. Rebecca Tavares

Anfield Sports Centre

103 Anfield Road Avenue,

SYDNEY 5038,



Dear Miss Tavares,

We wish to convey our appreciation towards your recent inquiry regarding the range of sporting products and equipment offered by our company. In your letter, you asked about the detailed information of our sporting equipment. Basically, we focus on producing different sporting products based on the sport targeted. Since every sport differs from the others, we make available specific sporting products. Our products range from protective gear, to nets, and to balls so that to protect players or help athletes to take part in different sports.

Our production line has evolved over time due to the changes in demand and suitability of sporting equipment. This situation has been brought about by the need to ensure that those taking part in various sporting activities are protected from avoidable injuries. Our aim is to improve the performance of athletes through enhancing our products through establishing a biomechanical system that can interact with sportsmen. Besides, we have improved our production line by producing sporting electronics where we offer our customers a 12% discount.

Attached to this letter is the official company price list as well as a catalog that will help your review process. I am assertive that this letter and literature will provide sufficient answers to the different questions that you may have...


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