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Leadership Nursing


Here is your case study assignment. I have downloaded an article below that you must read. It is about 2-3 pages. Once you have read the article each of you will need to answer three questions I will post below. I will also need each of you to post a comment to two of your peers regarding the answer to any of their questions. So, you need to answer 3 questions, then post to 2 peers. The due date for this is Monday, December 7, 2020 before midnight. If postings are late or not made, points will be deducted. We will then have a detailed discussion about the case study on Tuesday, December 8th in class, where I will have more questions and inquiries about your thoughts on the article. Be prepared to participate. Here are your 3 questions:  1. Describe your initial thought on the article in regards to the patient and the nurse.  2. To be fair in assessing the situation, is there any other information you would want to know about this incident and what is it? If not, what are the factors already included you needed to come to a conclusion? 3. Should anything happen to the nurse in regards to her license?  Record Searchlight article without correct names (1).docx
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