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Juvenile Diabetes in the country of Finland

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The powerpoint

presentation should be on Juvenile Diabetes in the country of


Must be based on Finland.

-You are free to discuss ANY key issues about Juvenile Diabetes; this includes

element per slide.

-The introductory slide should contain definitions, statistics, etc

minute. Check volume. Citations must be listed on every slide of the Powerpoint.

Throughout the presentation wherever work is cited on each slide please be sure

to state author and year. An APA style reference list must also be provided on the

last slide. The organization, clarity of presentation and creativity get high marks.

Must be prepared to back presentation with reliable sources. Wikipedia and the

like are not regarded as legitimate sources. 


Juvenile Diabetes in the country of Finland


  • Juvenile diabetes develops from the attack on pancreatic cells.

  • Damage to beta cells affects the production of insulin.

  • Finnish people have the highest rate of juvenile diabetes globally.

  • In 2005, Finland had an incidence rate of 64 cases per 100,000 for

    adolescents (Marja & Klas, 2006).

  • In 2009, at least 50,000 people lived with juvenile diabetes in Finland.

  • Currently, around 5,000 teens have this disease.

  • Between 1988 and 2005 the incidence rate increased by 3.6% annually.

  • In 2011, incidence rate of juvenile diabetes flattened.

Causes of juvenile diabetes

  • The real cause of this disease remains unknown.

  • Usually, the mistaken destruction of pancreatic insulin-producing cells

    causes juvenile diabetes.

  • Further probable causes include exposure to viruses and genetics.

  • The attack on pancreatic beta cells results from genetic vulnerability and

    exposure to triggers (Harjutsalo et al., 2013).

  • Finland has a high incidence rate globally because Finnish mothers have less

    immunity against diabetes provoking viruses.

  • Finnish population does not have more diabetes genes.

  • Environmental factors remain influential as the probable origin of the


Effects of juvenile diabetes

  • This disease leads to the realization of diabetic ketoacidosis due to toxin accumulation.

    oAlternate hormones are used to break fats into energy.

  • It potentially causes kidney nephropathy due to the failure to filter waste


  • This disease causes the development of high blood pressure.
    oJuvenile diabetes increases the strain on the heart due to blockage of blood vessels. oIt maximizes the risk of heart failure and stroke.

  • It affects integumentary system (Marja & Klas, 2006). oHigh blood sugar levels cause the skin to dry up and crack. oFeet high-pressure spots may develop into ulcers.

Prevention of juvenile diabetes

  • This ailment cannot be prevented when caused by genetic factors (Abouzeid et al., 2015).

  • Preventive measures get involved when environmental factors cause its development.

  • Preventive measures involve;
    oSignificant tests on important health numbers must be conducted to support the

    decision concerning the most effective treatment regimens.

    oChildren need protection from viruses that trigger the disease.

    oSubstitution of breast milk with cow milk increases the risks of developing juvenile diabetes.

    ยง To enhance overall immunity mothers should breastfeed their children for as long as possible.



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