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Journal Review; 'Supporting Classroom Transitions Between Daily Routines; Strategies and Tips

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ECD 105 Guidance and Classroom Management
Journal Article Review Instructions
Choose an article on exceptional children from Young Children. Read the article, and then write a summary of what you have read. The last paragraph (or two) will be your opinion, feelings, or thoughts about the article. This paper should be a minimum of 700 words long. The font should be Times New Roman, the margins should be set at 1 inch and the line spacing should be set at 1.5 and the before and after spacing should be set at 0 pts. Be sure to follow the MLA guidelines for citations and quotes. The CCTC Library Tab in D2L contains information on MLA citations guidelines. Every time you share information in the paper that is the author's idea, you must include a citation giving the author credit for the idea. Check the originality checker (Turnitin) to be sure you're your paper falls within the acceptable limits (19% or less). You may rewrite and resubmit this assignment to D2L as many times as necessary BEFORE the deadline in order to ensure that the Turnitin Report is 19% or less. Once the deadline has passed, papers cannot be revised and resubmitted and any paper with a Turnitin Report higher than 19% will ern a grade of zero (0) for the assignment. Remember to use your rubric as a guide. An example of the format is provided below:
Betty Sue Gerber
Journal Article Review
June 7, 2017
Willison, Thomas. "Behavior Management in an Early Childhood Education Environment." Young Children 52.4 (2010): 42-44. Print.
In the first paragraph, share the article topic and the big ideas in the article. Each paragraph in your article review should be at least 5-6 sentences in length. The second (and third) paragraph(s) should include specific ideas/concepts that are important. Remember to use citations EVERY TIME you share the ideas of the author. Do not use direct quotes from the article or other sources in this paper.
An example of citing the ideas of the author would be: in this article the author discusses how important it is for children to have the ability to investigate their surroundings while teachers provide support and encouragement. (Willison)
As you write the summary paragraphs, be sure NOT to write in the first person (example: I think, I believe, etc.). Save your interpretation and ideas about the article for the last paragraph(s). The final paragraph (or two) is for you to share your thoughts and opinions about the article. As you share these thoughts, you CAN use the first person (ex.: I think, etc.) to convey your reactions to the article. You can reflect and give your feelings in the last paragraph(s) only.







Journal Review: 'Supporting Classroom Transitions Between Daily Routines: Strategies and Tips

In 'Supporting Classroom Transitions Between Daily Routines: Strategies and Tips,’ Banerjee Rashid and Horn Eva describe the various techniques that can aid preschool experts in managing transitions between daily activities. The study identifies factors that hinder transitions and provide mitigation measures that minimize the challenging behaviors that result from constant changes. Using the story of Ms. Sandler, the article defines how young children face alterations in their daily routines as they modify their regular activities or context. Some preschoolers find it easy to adapt to the constant changes; nonetheless, some of them develop behavioral challenges, notably if the transitions are poorly executed. The journal investigates the approaches that can manage classroom transitions among preschoolers.

            Banerjee and Horn define classroom transition as the movements initiated by early childhood educators that result in young children moving from one activity to another. In the abstract, the authors concede...


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