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Joint Health Academy Research Paper: Congo Research Paper

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Joint Health Academy Research  Paper

English/Gov’t & Econ/Physiology


Research Question: What are the correlations between  a developing country’s ( Insert your country name here)  political and socio-economic profile and its use of resources to address the causes of mortality and  general well being of it population.


Action:  What steps could be taken to optimize the allocation of resources to better your country’s mortality rate and general well being of its population.  Explain in detail.


What to do:

       Complete your country profile (Harmon)

      10 source cards (Hohl)

       Research diseases/cause of mortality/correlation (Brothwell)

      10 source cards (Hohl)

      Reference Page (Hohl/Harmon/Brothwell)

      Organize the outline based on # a-e (Harmon/Hohl)

      Rough Draft/Peer Editing (Hohl/Brothwell) Due date: 5/11

      Final submission 5/18 to all core HA teachers

      Presentations due TBD ( Newscast)


Basic Requirements:

      APA Format- See Purdue Owl Website https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/section/2/10/

      Minimum of 8-10 sources = 20-30 sources cards (sorted by topic)

Sources should be reputable and come from a variety of sources ( websites, journals, articles, videos, interviews, etc.)- No Wikipedia. Avoid personal blogs- See notes for additional help in evaluating sources or go to: http://tinyurl.com/zw2hzjb


Joint Health Academy Research  Paper

English/Gov’t & Econ/Physiology

Congo Research Paper




1.0 Introduction

Over the past decade, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DR Congo) has been characterized by increased levels of conflicts resulting in devastating implications on the country’s civilian population. According to IRC (2007), DR Congo has witnessed food shortages, mass displacement and above all the collapse of health systems leading to significant elevations of mortality rate. It is estimated that close to 70% of the Congolese population does not have access to medical care (WHO, 2012). Despite the signing of the peace accord in 2002, the country has continued to be faced by smaller conflicts that have subsequently stretched the available inadequate health resources. This has resulted in the health system to suffer due to the lack of adequate investment complemented by the deliberate attacks of aggressive factions on health facilities.  Therefore, the long-running war has ensured that the country does not have proper health care to cater to the increased health needs hence increasing the mortality rate. There is the need for the DR Congo government to optimize the allocation of the national resources so that to improve the mortality rate and enhance the general well being of its population.

2.0 Allocation of resources

            According to IRC...


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