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Introduction to Healthcare Leadership and Management II

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Discuss your current supervisor, or a supervisor/leader of whose style you are aware of (family/friend, or a known person – political leader, CEO, coach, etc.) “Selected person is office manager in dental practice

Ø  Identify and briefly summarize what the supervisor’s company does, and your job within it (as applicable). Summarize the supervisor’s job. (2.5 pts.)  

 Ø  Identify which of the leadership style’s from your readings and slides that you feel the supervisor exhibits MOST.  Explain why and provide at least three examples. Be specific. (5 pts.)  

Ø  Identify what secondary leadership styles your supervisor may also exhibit. Provide at least two examples of how the supervisor represents this style. Be specific. (5 pts.)  

 Ø  Describe why you feel the style(s) you identified for the supervisor can be both good as well as bad. Support your statement with examples, what impact would this style have in a healthcare environment. Be specific. (7.5pts.)  

 Ø  Describe which leadership style you feel would you would most likely exhibit at this stage of your life, and explain why. (5pts.)  

 At least two APA style references should be cited as appropriate. Students should use proper grammar and spelling.  Up to 10% of your grade can be deducted if references are not in APA format and proper grammar/spelling is not used.

 Length of essay: at least 1000 words. Up to 10% of your grade can be deducted if you essay is not at least this length. Your paper should be double spaced in 12 pt font with 1 inch margins. A cover page should be included with name, date, and course.



Introduction to Healthcare Leadership and Management II

(Office Manager in a Dental Practice)


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Introduction to Healthcare Leadership and Management II

(Office Manager in a Dental Practice)

Job Summary of an Office Manager in Dental Practice

·         To resolve patient issues following heath regulations, facility policies and procedures and dental standard board.

·         Coordinating and presenting financial arrangements to patients

·         To liaise with dental insurance firms to ensure prompt payment of claims when they fall due.

·         Respond effectively to patient and doctor needs and enquiries.

·         Coordinate and supervise supply purchases, equipment upgrade and operations.

·         Maintain patients' database in accordance with ethics regulations and organization policies.

·         Maintain equipment and facilities with respect to safety and hygiene regulations, including OSHA.

Leadership Style Most Exhibited By an Office manager in Dental Practice.

Democratic Leadership Style

The manager invites his subordinated to participate in the decision making process. When the dental department is faced with an issue requiring opinion input, the manager calls all his juniors to air their views in seeking the possible solution. He carefully evaluates each person's opinion before applying or discarding it based on merit (Rahbi, Khalil & Khan, 2017). He...


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