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Internet Activist movement

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Internet Activist movement


Internet Activist movement

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Activist movement.

Good evening. Ladies and gentlemen, I am delighted for your commitment from inception and development of this movement. It feels more rewarding talking and taking the time to reflect on Internet Rights Activist Movement (IRAM) that we formed a couple of years ago because we share common goals. We have all gathered here because we mind and care about our internet rights and our deep concern for the welfare of our communities. That is what ERAM is all about…internet justice.

Over the years we have experienced numerous change in our online platform and technological devices that enable the information to be accessible all over the world at our fingertips. It is due to this compelling force that we have to revise our policies and practice to ensure these changes are accommodated. We are socially interested in safeguarding our future generation from the social media damage by offering a solution that will save a great deal for their future. The circulation of information has become a core part of our life and unless this information is filtered and controlled, it will be meaningless to communicate and seek contact with fellow humans.

It is, therefore, important for our movement to employ new policies such as to developing youth participation on online citizenship. In our community, youths are the major target of manipulative and inappropriate information conveyed by self-centered individuals. We will be able to gain our trust by ensuring high acceptance from the youths that comprise the bigger portion of the online user. This new practice is much important in the campaign of safeguarding sensitivity of the information accessible to the online users. Proper participation of the youths will give us an upper hand in gaining proper acceptance to our new and consequence polices.

Secondly, we shall focus on raising the awareness about hate driven information and it consequences on the community. Our effort will be futile if the internet and media literacy is not advocated to the vital groups in our communities. We will accomplish this endeavor by encouraging open communication within online space to offer a quick insight on what sort of information that the user should reject. With proper knowledge and a little...


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