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International Business Assignment

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Assignment # 3 Due in Week 4

Due on or Before Tuesday evening March 29 at 11:59 MT

 This assignment will carry 12 points or 12% of the grade. Note the grade point for this assignment is higher. I am eliminating the Discussion in Week 4

       These short cases will require reading additional articles from WSJ or a reputable academic journal or trade journal on the topics to support responses

       Do not retype the questions. The reason is I learned Safe Assignment picks up the questionsif they are from Hill. An example for China Manipulation  Label the question as China Manipulation with respective – responses to A & B , likewise  Case on Trump and tariffs, and

Question #3 in Chapter 7 .    The final question on label as Agricultural subsidies and then A,B, C

       Second, I am finding when you resubmit multiple times, its resulting in duplication, and resulting in high unrealistic scores.


Read Chapter 6  (The first 12 pages will be covered)



Country Focus in Chapter 6

“Is China Manipulating Its Currency in Pursuit of a Neo-Mercantilist Policy?”

a.   Do you think China is pursuing an economic policy that can be characterized as neo-mercantilist

b.  What should the United States, and other countries, do about this?



Chapter 7   Read the opening case on American Steel Tariffs


      Use additional sources to analyze and respond to the questions other than the briefing within the case study 


QUESTION A: Donald Trump claims the new tariffs imposed on imported steel are vital to the United States’ national security. Explain his argument. Do you agree? 

QUESTION B: Who are the winners and who are the losers from the tariffs imposed in 2018 by Donald Trump on imported steel?  

QUESTIONC: Consider the long-term implications of policies like the one imposed by Donald Trump on imported steel. What does it mean for the future competitiveness of companies that rely on imported steel? What does it mean for employees in those companies and for consumers?



Critical Thinking and Discussing Question in Chapter 7


      QUESTION 3: Given the arguments relating to the new trade theory and strategic trade policy, what kind of trade policy should business is pressuring government to adopt?  


 1          Question Reference is to Chapter 7- not located in book but related to the Chapter. (Please type this question) This is an opinion question and requires research to support the question      


A.Discuss Agricultural subsidies in Europe and the US. 

Explain an example of Agricultural subsidy in each country. 

C. Draw an opinion of why the subsidies work or do not work.  



International Business Assignment

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Chapter 6

Question 1:  China and Neo-mercantilism

I think yes, and relatively certain that chain is using neo-mercantilism. What is really with china's economic policy is a new version of mercantilism, borrowing many traits of the mercantilism economic system. The Chinese government uses a blend of mercantilism and a sort of government interventionism. This is due mostly to international economic affairs. The strategies that have been adopted by china in the neo-mercantilism include the promotion of patriotism and nationalism, stockpiling gold and public reserves, which seek in achieving a balance of payment in exchange rate manipulation, export subsidies, tariffs, and other trade regulations. The Chinese government has a mechanism promoting the control of population growth, social control and national development (Yu, 2019). The above traits make the economy be a neo-mercantilism type.

United states’ response to Chinese mercantilism

The effects of the mercantilism policies have not been good for the united states and other economies, but a bit benefited from low-cost production platforms through United States multinational corporations. Americans as consumers benefited from low-cost goods. Today there are conflicts between the united states and China arising from their difference in economic policies. For the united states to respond to the conflict on economic policy, it should not close its borders to be a vibrant competitor, and they need to work with China and take advantage of its huge economy (Atkinson, 2012). There is no evidence that Chinese economic policy is doing anything more than helping in the management of particular issues. The united states should manipulate China into joining the community of trading nations and curtail their mercantilism policies.

Chapter 7: Case on American Steel Tariffs

The decision of trump on imposing the 25 per cent tariff has two sides of the coin. Tariffs are essential in protecting domestic production, and at the same time, the imposition of tariffs increases prices for consumers. From the perspective of an economist and in the case of struggling domestic industries, tariffs would help improve the production of domestic industries. The argument by trump that the 25 per cent tariff imposition will increase security is true. In an attempt to revitalize struggling industries, these tariffs are critical and specifically want the economy needs. The united states Steel industry will benefit from this policy and allow domestic production to grow.

Question B.

In any economic policy adopted, there must be winners and losers, though, in the long run, the effect will tend to be neutralized. Either way imposition of import tariffs leaves the consumer as the loser. A consumer has to pay more for the price of goods for less quantity of goods that they initially bought at a lower price. The domestic firms are the winners as they would realize an increase in production and see more revenues. This means that the price of steel products will be more than the Global steel prices, and this means that the country will not import more steel products and thus a fall in revenue. The government...


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