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Informatics and the Application of New Knowledge

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Required •

Prepare for interprofessional stakeholders a 10 slide presentation (not

including title and reference pages)

explaining how nurse leaders can use

information technology to improve nursing practices

that support and

sustain positive patient outcomes.

Speaker's notes needed for each


Describe briefly an example of a nursing practice that has changed

in the last two years; explain how theory development, research

exploration, and information technology

support the changes you


describe the basic difference between research (qualitative and

quantitative) and evidence-based practice;

communication practices and technology to build interprofessional

stakeholder engagements in support of the change you have identified;

explain how nurse leaders use

describe how nurse leaders use evidence-based practice to support and

sustain patient care outcomes. 


Informatics and the Application of New Knowledge


  • Presently,nursesareadaptingtothevariouschangesand technological advancement to take advantage of new opportunities.

  • Thisresultsinthemexpandingtheirrolesacrossthecarecontinuum and advancing positive patient outcome. The use of technology enables nurses to perform their duties more safely and efficiently.

  • Bala(2017)explainsthattelehealthasanewhealthcaredelivery approach has transformed the nursing approach and delivery of care.

How to support Telehealth

  • Theory development supports the use and integration of telehealth in nursing practice so that to attain positive patient outcomes.

  • Craig (1980) found out that, “If the nursing profession is to continue to make advancements, it must envision new ways of perceiving the phenomena peculiar to nursing and must propose meaningful explanations for these perceptions.”

  • Nursing theory practice continuum is supported by the methodologies to nursing theory advancement.


  • Research exploration has changed different facets of nursing practice that have remained constant over an extended period.

  • Overstreet(2015)explainsthattheuseofresearchexploration concerning technology in nursing practices has changed the art and science of the profession.

  • Due to the use of technology nursing as a profession has changed over the years, resulting in changes as the ones initiated by use of telehealth.


  • The use of telehealth has been supported by the integration of Information technology in nursing practice.

  • According to Bala (2017), nursing experts have issued explanation “concerning how nurse leaders can use information technology to improve the nursing practices so that to support and sustain positive patient outcomes.”

  • Information technology makes it easy for nurses to use telehealth, as they can provide services using mobile application.

Research practice

  • Nursingresearchontheuseoftechnologysupportedpracticesis divided into quantitative and qualitative.

  • Sims(2013)quantitativeresearchissupportedbysurveyssothata problem can be understood while being compared to a given population.

  • Conversely,interviewsareusedtocollectqualitativedatasothatto define a research problem.

  • Concerningthetelehealthpractice,qualitativeresearchismorein- depth and exploratory.

Evidence-based practice

  • Sims (2013) found out that to document more in-depth look at the effectiveness and safety of telehealth then researchers can use evidence-based practices.

  • Evidence-based practices focus on providing answers to the "why" question concerning the reasons and behind telehealth and ways of improving the healthcare model.

  • This type of research allows researchers to come up with their answers to questions.

Communication practice

  • Nurseleaderscanusedifferentcommunicationpracticestocreate inter-professional stakeholder engagements in supporting the use of telehealth.

  • Armour-Burtonetal.(2013)arguethatstakeholderscanbeinvolvedin different stages of care management programs leading to the long- term support for the telehealth.

  • Theestablishedcommunicationpracticeswillenablenurseleadersto engage stakeholders and develop relationships while in constant communication.

Technology practice

  • Inter-professionalstakeholderengagementregardingtheuseand integration of telehealth in health service delivery depends on the use of technology by nurse leaders.

  • Thesuccessofahealthcaremanagementprogramdependson stakeholder engagement and management since they represent the most effective ingredients of successful integration of telehealth.

  • AccordingtoArmour-Burtonetal.(2013),nurseleadersdependon depending on individuals responding to the benefits and outputs of telehealth.

Use of evidence-based practice

  • AccordingtoSims(2013),itisimperativetorecognizethatnurse leaders use evidence-based practices to improve and attain positive patient outcomes.

  • Anevidence-basedpracticeattempttobridgeandclosesthegapin health care delivery by realizing better outcomes by having a healthier population through combining evidence and clinical experience.

  • Throughthesepractices,hospitalleaderscanaccountforpatient values so that to promote patient experiences.


  • The use of evidence-based practices by nurse leaders' results in significant improvements in the treatment of patients.



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