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Individual 'Pollution' Case Study Essay

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Individual ‘Pollution’ Case Study Essay


1.      Choose and report your case study type and location

2.      Research (any relevant information about your chosen case and/or similar case elsewhere). This includes thinking about the relevant data that may be necessary to complete your analysis (even if you cannot have access to them). Remember that data and information may not be obvious ones, specifically for economic analysis. 

3.      Read Chapters 5, 6 and 7 in order to frame your essay. Remember to frame your case based on the ‘economic efficiency framework’, whilst thinking about the ‘thermodynamic view of the economy’ introduced in Week 2 and 3 lectorials.

4.      Consider current policy/proposals that are in place and/or propose relevant policies/proposals. You must complete your recommendation with a justification of why such policies/proposals are relevant/appropriate/important.  





Individual 'Pollution' Case Study Essay




1.0  Introduction

Epping Case Study

Agricultural activity is the most significant economic undertaking that results in the population of soil in the suburb area of Epping, New South Wales. According to DeMarco (2017, p.25), agricultural activity often results in unwanted changes in the biological, chemical or physical properties of the soil, where these changes possess undesirable consequences on plants, living organisms, and the environment. In Epping, there are various commercial and community facilities such as the Rockleigh Park, Boronia Park, Epping Athletic Park and so on that require significant landscaping activities. As a result, landscaping in these areas has led to the production of soil pollutants such as toxic gases, copper, chromium, cadmium, and so on. For instance, the beautification programs in these parks involve the maintenance of the plants and flowers require the use of synthetic-based pesticides and fertilizers. The chemicals used tend to affect the soil as well as plants despite killing the different insects.

The different parks and recreational facilities within the Epping area represent a significant economic activity that helps in the generation of revenue to the local government. The increase in demand for recreational centers has resulted in the establishment of more parks so that to meet the growing demand. Consequently, this situation has paved the way for the increased cultivation for more flowers and plants that require the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides that end up polluting the soil with these pollutants making the soil poisonous. Besides, Henry and Tubiana (2018, p.39) assert that producers of farm inputs produce a lot of liquid and solid waste that goes into the soil and spread pollution courtesy of the leaking gutters and pipes. Various individuals around Epping also focus on cultivating flowers for commercial purposes; thus the practice of using insecticides has increased considerably. Therefore, the use of chemical fertilizers has resulted in the pollution of the environment (Henry...


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