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Individual assignment-Customer Management in Apple Inc.

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  1. 1 page or 2 pages at maximum (appendix excluded),  font size 12,  1.5 space lines
  2. Analysing customer management practices and issues arising from them
  3. Pick a topic or company/brand related to customer management
  4. Research the topic/company brand, provide an analysis and recommendations/findings/conclusion.
  • Reported practices have very good to excellent match with selection criteria 
  • Always provide very clear, accurate, and relevant descriptionsof the practices 
  • Always provide comprehensive and insightful analysis on the practices 
  • Derive very good to excellent implications from analysis on the practices 
  • Provide very relevant and effective recommendations



Individual assignment: Customer Management in Apple Inc.

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Apple Inc. is a renowned company for its success and significance. The company has an outstanding contribution to the computer hardware, Operating Systems, and consumer interfaces focused on consumer satisfaction. Steve Jobs once said, “You have got to start with the customer experience and work backward to the technology” (Rawlinson, 2017). This philosophy by Jobs has continuously been employed by Apple Inc. The company has managed to establish humble product lines which have beat the competitors by valuing customers’ satisfaction. The company has managed to master the art of customer relationship management to get success in iPhone, iPad, and their TV hardware product lines.

The CRM entails the practices, guidelines, and principles Apple Inc. follows in the course of interaction with their customers. The strategy of Apple has been responsible for understanding what their consumers want, their points of pain, and customer priorities. However, job still believes that it is important to consider what customers want before the consumers discover; jobs at the time argued that “Get Closer than ever to your customers; so close, in fact, that you tell them what they need before they realize it themselves” (Rawlinson, 2017).


How has Apple Inc. managed to use CRM to achieve consumer loyalty, consumer lifetime value, and consumer satisfaction?  Apple Inc. has been clever enough to employ Apple products in their pockets, offices, and living rooms. In an attempt to create loyal customers, Apple Inc. has managed to come up with complete solutions by-products that complement one another, like iPod, where u can download music using iTunes. Apple consumers do not have to struggle to find products and solutions they need (Tansim, 2021). The other strategies of maintaining customer loyalty employed by Apple Inc. are education sales to schools and universities, using products that deliver according to their description, employing consistency in production, getting new innovations that are up to date, and having products...


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