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Improving Cancer Patients’ Morbidity

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Improving Cancer Patients’ Morbidity


Improving Cancer Patients’ Morbidity

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Improving Cancer Patients’ Morbidity

Cancer Quality Improvement (CQI) is concerned with ensuring people living, or at a high risk of cancer have access to excellent healthcare services. Individuals with the disease ought to experience support from their community and more, through healthcare systems within the country. Owing to increasing demand for healthcare services, mostly, for the case of cancer spread and control, Cancer Quality Improvement (CQI) aims at enhancing access to affordable and quality nursing services for the population living with cancer. For successful healthcare quality improvement implementation, health care financing, and training approaches play a vital role in enhancing health care organization to boost the quality of cancer services.

To begin with, health care financing is an essential aspect of promoting the ability of patients to access quality services. Considering that cancer can be treated for a prolonged period, quality is a crucial attribute in ensuring high chances of recovery (Gardner et al., 2018). This strategy ties well with resource-based view theory, which states that resources, finances, form a critical part in the management of any organization. The crucial advantage of this approach is that it gives less privileged patients a chance to access quality care, even when they have financial limitations (De-Vos et al., 2009). However, the critical disadvantage that a health care facility may face when relying on this approach is the lack of sufficient funding from donors. In the case of the private health sector, the matter is even worse, considering that many clients may not afford premium insurance packages


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