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Importance of Classroom Management

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This assignment is a summative task of TEFL. TEFL is the acronym for Teaching English as a Foreign Language, or simply, English language instruction for non-native speakers. Basically, it is a teaching certification.

In order to complete all course components, you will need to devise and submit a summative task using the form below.

You are welcome to choose from one of the topics listed below. Your summative task title should encourage you to answer a question based on the topic you choose. For example, taking the topic “Learning Grammar” you might use as a title “Why learning grammar is important” or “How different students learn grammar”.

The summative task is essentially an essay and should be written from a general perspective, or you and your teaching perceptions. It should not be about the way you felt during your course or your course experience.

The summative task should be between 800 words. It should be clear and concise, relevant to the topic and professional in nature.

You can choose a topic from below,(I will not set a topic for you, see the topic example above to come with a topic base on your interests)

1. Learning Grammar
2. Learning teaching skills
3. Classroom management
4. Phonetics/phonology
5. Course materials
6. Course structure



Contribution of Classroom Management Towards Learning

Student Name

Course Name

Professor Name



Contribution of Classroom Management Towards Learning

When the idea of classroom management is mentioned, the concept of arrangement into column and rows come in mind, but the notion is entirely broad. For example, classroom management could imply how learning resources flow within the learning environment, how students face each other in a discussion task, as well as the ability of a tutor to control the behavior and morale of learners in a teaching session. As such, classroom management is a broad concept that develops objectives and expectations concerning teacher-learners interaction in an education environment. On the side of students, the learning environment is an enabler for effective adoption and accumulation of knowledge. At the same time, teachers rely on classroom management to optimize the potential of impacting maximum knowledge to learners through different teaching mythologies. Specifically, when an educator is teaching English as a foreign language, classroom management is essential in enabling learners to grasp faster and interact productively with other peers. Some of the...


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