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Hypothetical Scenario

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Hypothetical Scenario


Hypothetical Scenario


Institutional Affiliation


Introduction to the case

            The case presents a sensitive scenario regarding the constrained work relationship between the manager and the employees. In particular, after termination, one employee feels that he has to revenge for that action against his manager because he thinks it is unfair. Creating a pseudo email account that matches that of the manager is the strategy that the fired employee decides to take in order to falsely frame the manager for the malpractice that he did not commit. The implications are that the manager has also been terminated without the thorough scrutiny of the claims provided against him.

Issues that may arise as a result of employee’s termination

            Employees’ termination is a contentious issue that has potential ethical and legal implication in case the best termination practices are not adhered to. First, the legal problem is the first implication that is predominate when an employee feels that they have been terminated unfairly. This case, according to Wood & Karau (2009), an employee approaches the labor or industrial court to seek an injunction against his termination. Also, in the hypothetical case, it is clear that some employees may want to revenge against the employer by either exposing trade secrets or making other employees within the organizations to suffer the consequences of termination.

            Other than that, an employee may want to temper with the organization data hence making the company undergo massive loss. For example, when dealing with technical staffs, such as data analysts and computer system technicians, an organization should be keen on how they conduct their termination. For example, technical personnel may delete important company information permanently forcing the firm to lose vital customer and marketing information. In addition, such staffs may manipulate date to deliberately make the company suffer the loss by allocating more salaries to other employees with the organization through manipulation of payment systems.

What I would have done differently

            First, I would have gathered necessary information regarding the claim raised about the company’s manager. In this case, I would compare the IP addresses for the email sent to STU Company with that of...


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