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Hypnosis: Treatment for Nicotine Addiction

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Hypnosis: Treatment for Nicotine Addiction


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Hypnosis: Treatment for Nicotine Addiction

1.0  Introduction

            Tobacco use has been flagged as the most health issue across the world; additionally it remains the most preventable cause of death and disease among the American population (Wise and Correia, 60). Therefore, clinicians are tasked with the role to act as advocates for patients addicted to nicotine use in various health promotions, discourage smoking initiation, aid in smoking cessation and take part in social initiatives targeted towards curbing nicotine addiction. In reality, new frontiers have been opened concerning the gains to understand the neuropathology of nicotine addiction, for instance, the efficient nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) complemented by oral therapy and the hypnosis consciousness. Additionally, scientists are working on more therapeutic advances that will focus on the treatment of nicotine addiction in the years to come. However, it is important to acknowledge that the treatment of nicotine addiction depends more on educating patients about the very important benefits of smoking cessation as well as the process itself. In addition, according to Wonnacott et al. (58) by determining the level of nicotine dependence, it is, therefore, easier to come up with the most effective treatment of nicotine addiction under various circumstances. However, it is vital to acknowledge that very little literature has been compiled to effectively explain the treatment of nicotine addiction, thus this paper aims at further describing the available ways of treating nicotine addiction.


2.0  Statement of the problem

            According to Wetter et al. (555), little information has been compiled regarding the treatment of nicotine addiction, in spite of scientific evidence revealing nicotine is highly addictive. Most of the available literature reflects on the prevalence of smoking than the treatment of nicotine addiction and most notably in regards to the American people. Therefore this has led to multiple studies being conducted on general smoking with total disregard of the nicotine addiction treatment process. For example, hypnosis and acupuncture are programs that often encourage renewed attempts by patients for who other treatment techniques have failed, but...


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